A Learning Journal Is A Reflective Evaluation English Literature Essay

A learning diary is a brooding rating, of how the class stuff has changed my apprehension every bit good as my sentiments, on life. This learning diary is based on three subjects ; self and individuality, bias and favoritism, and eventually attractive force and close relationships. However due to the extent of the three subjects I will merely be concentrating on one sub-topic for each. The sub subject I will be utilizing, for ego and individuality, will be self presentation, for bias and favoritism, it will be, what are they effects of bias, and eventually for familiarity and attractive force, it will be what is love?
I am finishing this larning diary to determine the extent of my cognition and apprehension of the antecedently stated subjects and to rehearse the wont of critical thought in all facets of my life non merely those in the academic country. This diary is an assignment in my societal psychological science class and from this I hope to demo my instructors that I am capable of go oning this class.
What I hope to larn from this diary is the extent of the impact that the class stuff has had on my life every bit good as how I have consciously take part in that critical thought. I besides hope to alter the manner that I think when it comes to the behavior of the people around me. I besides hope to alter the manner that I think about myself and how my actions affect those around me.

Self and individuality
In the subject of ego and individuality I choose to concentrate on self presentation. The ground I chose self presentation is because no one of all time truly knows what people think, when they see you. There are major differences between believing internally and talking out loud. As people we present images to the outside universe that make others see us in a favorable manner, and if this image is presented good plenty so we can convert even ourselves that we are that manner, that it is non merely a projection of what we want others to see.
One of the two chief constructs in the sub subject of self presentation is ; Self handicapping. Peoples incapacitate their chances to win by making grounds for future failure. We try to protect our self-image by faulting our failures on external factors ( Griffin 2010 ) .in 1979, Berglas & A ; Jones, ( cited in Griffins 2010 ) trialled an experiment to corroborate ego handicapping. The experiment was based on drugs and intelligence, a sample group was given the same text for the Duke University participants, being told that their consequences were the best to day of the month, before replying more they were given a pick of one of two drugs one to heighten the other to interrupt their thought, the consequence of the pick was that most of the pupils choose the drug that disrupted their thought, therefore supplying a ready to hand alibi for awaited poorer public presentations ” ( p.97 ) . It seems to me that while most people tell others that they want to win that is a prevarication.
The 2nd construct is Self Management which is the ability to pull off the different feelings that in our mundane life are created. Griffin ( 2010 ) says that we are societal animals and that we play to an audience. Griffin says that “ for some people, witting self-presentation is a manner of life ” ( p.98 ) . Some people change who they when with other people in order to suit in. Griffin besides says that these types of people – the people who self proctor – are societal chameleons, people able to accommodate easy, nevertheless the down side to these people I think is that they are ne’er true to themselves, how can you be true to who you are if you can be yourself around your friends the people who should wish you for who you are.
An of import quotation mark that summarises self presentation is:
“ After losing to some younger challengers, tennis great Martina Navratilova confessed that she was “ afraid to play my best… I was scared to happen out if they could crush me when I ‘m playing my best because if they can, so I am finished ” ( Frankel & A ; Snyder 1987 cited in Griffin 2010, p.97 ) .
When it comes to self presentation I know that in different state of affairss, I have a different attitude for illustration when I ‘m alone I ‘m quiet and I do n’t wish to speak to others and I use my phone to do the people watching see that even though I ‘m alone I ‘m still in the ‘network ‘ .
I can candidly state that I have ‘self handicapped ‘ , myself when I have done ill in a test or an assignment to the point that as seen above I do hold a ready brand alibi to state if I do fail.
Prejudice and Discrimination
This subject is Prejudice and Discrimination. And the issue is – What are the effects of bias ; I chose this as my issue because people do n’t understand that there is ever a effect. Peoples do non believe in front, they think in the minute, non gaining that one apparently harmless word or phrase can damage a individual ‘s whole universe.
A cardinal construct of this subject is – ego perpetuating stereotypes.
When a member of a group or sub civilization acts in a manner that we expect that reinforces our belief of the group. This is true and it happens all the clip to gothic ‘s who are ever depressed or to emo ‘s who cut themselves, it is non true merely because one does a certain action do non intend that all do. It is difficult to take stereotypes due to the fact that we notice actions that are unusual to a stereotype nevertheless it has small impact on the ideas on that stereotype.
Second there is Discrimination ‘s impact: the ego carry throughing prognostication. The impression of a ego carry throughing prognostication is one that coincides with the labelling theory if, for illustration if person is invariably seting you down naming you stupid, so when you something, like trip over so state see it ‘s true. Thingss like that have a permanent consequence on the human mind, its classical conditioning if you are told some thing over and over so it sticks and every clip you want to make something there ‘s a voice stating that you ca n’t.
Then there is stereotype menace, this is when a individual is put in a state of affairs where you are expected to make ill and your anxiousness may do you to make so, the illustration given by Steele ( cited in Griffin 2010 ) is a adult male in his 60 ‘s in a hoops squad with immature work forces, he thought that they would anticipate his to be a hurt, so his assurance and public presentation lessening. Stone ( cited in Griffin 2010 ) surmises that “ when people are reminded of a negative stereotype about themselves – it can adversely impact their public presentation ” ( p.212 ) .
And eventually, do stereotypes bias opinions of persons? Miller & A ; Felicio ( cited in Griffin 2010 ) say yes but there is good intelligence about this, that people are everlastingly positively measuring people more than the groups that they are in, an illustration of this is politicians, Griffin explains that people believe stereotypes but ignore them when that are given personal information “ politicians are criminals but our Senator Jones has unity ” ( p.214 )
A quotation mark that shows the job of bias on the ego of people is by Griffin ( 2010 ) :
“ Stereotypes can besides make their world. Even if they are ab initio untrue, their being can do them go true. The negative allegations of bias can besides undermine people ‘s public presentation an affect how people interpret favoritism ” ( p.208 ) .
I admit that I have had thought about certain groups that I do n’t cognize, nevertheless it is an unconscious idea, I ne’er truly knew that I was believing certain ideas until I was really believing them. Biass and stereotypes are something that is instilled into you when you grow up its certain words or phrases that at the clip are harmless for illustration a parent disliking homosexual or bisexual people, it becomes difficult to show yourself, if you are, or if you have friends that are.
Attraction and Close Relationships
In the subject of Attraction and near relationships the issue that interested me the most was – what is love? The subject that involvements me the most is the subject – what is love. The inquiry that I seem to be unhung up on is how do you cognize, is it the typical, ‘it ‘s the individual that when you wake up you think of first and it ‘s the last individual you think of when you go to kip ‘ .
One construct is passionate love, Hatfield ( cited in Griffin 2010 ) states passionate love as “ a province of intense yearning for brotherhood with another ” ( p.287 ) .Davis ( cited in Hartley 2010 UWS ) showed the difference between passionate love and compassionate love some of these were ; Passionate – “ captivation, clannishness and sexual desire ” , and for compassionate love at that place was “ enjoyment, credence, trust, regard, confiding, understanding and spontaneousness ” ( p.3 ) .
Griffin ( 2010 ) states that companionate love is the afterglow consequence of a close passionate love. It is lower and deeper than passionate love ( Aron & A ; others cited in Griffin 2010 ) . Griffin ( 2010 ) explains companionate love as “ the chilling of passionate love over clip and the turning importance of other factors such as shared values ” ( p.291 ) . An illustration of this is arranged matrimonies. Gupta and Singh ( cited in Griffin 2010 ) noted in an experiment of 50 twosomes that those who were married their feelings faded after a five twelvemonth period, but those in ordered matrimonies reported more love after the five twelvemonth period. Twain ( cited in Griffin 2010 ) says that “ no adult male or adult female truly knows what love is until they have been married a one-fourth of a century ” ( p.291 ) .
A quotation mark that shows love is:
“ Peoples yearn for it, live for it, die for it. ” ( Griffin p.286 )
A quotation mark for companionate love is:
“ Unlike passionate love, companionate love can last a life-time ” ( Griffin 2010, p.290 )
This is relevant to my societal universe is because in the universe we live in we all experience love in one signifier or another be it passionate love or feel for love and to be able to understand how it works and what it really is helps to be able to detect it in the universe, it besides helps to do me prize the people that are around me, love me in whatever manner they do every bit good as the people who did love me and who i loved, because as Webster ( cited in Griffin 2010 ) says “ love is nature ‘s manner of giving a ground to be populating ” ( p.287 ) .
This diary is valuable to my acquisition of societal psychological science, has shown me that even though there are differences in the manner that the universe sees me and I see it every bit good as how even unconsciously I project images to conceal myself in order to non experience hurting and that passionate love can either sizzle and fire out or turn in to a love that will last a life-time.
One of my failings in this diary is the subject of ego and individuality, I believe that this is due to the fact that to be able to truly place yourself you have to understand every facet and I do n’t believe that anyone can non even if they live for 100 old ages. Another failing is love ; love is feelings and emotions, so love is touchable, indefinable except to those who have experienced it.
I believe that I did acquire out of this diary what I had hoped to, in footings of cognizing my topographic point in understanding how the universe around me works when it comes to self and individuality and how as societal animate beings, we project certain images, to affect the people around us, bias and favoritism, and how some of the things that I do may hold a effect that could harm person in the worst manner mental and emotionally and eventually familiarity and close relationships and how love is constructed, perceived are shown.

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A Learning Journal Is A Reflective Evaluation English Literature Essay
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