Decision Making and Correct Answer

Caleb is late to his first meeting because his car broke down, and Caleb’s boss concludes that Caleb is not punctual when he first walks in. 4. It is important for managers to balance managerial authority and team member autonomy. Which Of the following is true about a typical team? *b. Mangers have the latitude to make some decisions without consulting the 5. The major conclusion from the Cash studies was: Groups have a significant influence over individual members 6. Katherine project team is extremely cohesive; it has become a norm to cooperate and agree with one another.
Although Katherine disagrees with mom of the influential members in the group who have decided that they do not need to conduct interviews as part of their data collection, she doesn’t question their decision. As a result, the group falls prey to: *c. Grouping 7. Peter is working for a publishing company that works mainly on children’s books. His team is working on a storyboard for a new book. One member suggests that it would be a good idea to introduce a children’s book on sexual education for the second grade level.
Before Peter can say anything, one member excitedly starts to draft a story while two others offer to work on harasser development, and a final member begins work on the cover art. This scenario is an example of: *a. Group popularization b. Shared information bias c. Confirmation bias d. Escalation of commitment 8. Fear of being challenged for speaking up will most likely lead to: a. Group popularization b. Overconfidence *c. Shared information bias 9. Zoe is leading a sales team for a jewelry company. The group has attempted to open more stores in shopping malls, but what little stores they have opened have not been very profitable.

Zoe decides to request a larger budget to pursue more space in shopping malls. Zoe is demonstrating: *a. Escalation of commitment d. Ingrown/outgrip bias 10. After taking this class, you know that the most effective leaders: a. Discourage deviant opinions encourage deviant opinions c. Play the role of the designated deviant d. When did we learn about deviants this semester? 1 1 . The orientation phase of group decision making begins with: a. Brainstorming as many solutions to the problem as possible b. Critically evaluating and reflecting upon decisions *c. Clearly defining the problem d. Eating to know your team members 12. A professional NAB basketball has just retired from the game and decides o start a sports bar. The basketball player’s status as a former NAB star is an example of a: *b. Diffuse status characteristic 13. Which of the following is not one of the seven steps in Puffer’s (1992) model for applying power dynamics? A. Predict what individuals’ points of view are likely to be; how will they feel about what they are trying to do? B. Determine what external power bases you will contend with which of them will have the most influence in the decision? C.
Determine which of the various strategies and tactics for exercising power are most appropriate; which are likely to be effective, given he situation you confront? *d. None of the above 14. Who would be considered to have high status in an organization? A. An expert driller in an oil company b. A sales rep who is likeable and friendly c. A project manager who knows several people in other groups All of the above 15. Which of the following is not a benefit of having a deviant? *a. Deviants create conflict early, which accelerates team maturity and cohesion b. Deviants foster creativity and innovation by forcing multiple perspectives c.
Deviants are the strongest opposition to Grouping d. All of the above are benefits of having a deviant 6. According to Malcolm Caldwell, people gain status by: *c. High degree of likeability d. All Of the above 17. Harold is the “guy that knows a guy. ” Whenever the team proposes to bring in a contractor or use outside help, Harold always comes through with a contact. Harold is a: a. Maven Connector 18. Kelsey decides to use her Spring Break to help build houses in Southern Missouri. Unfortunately, she is the only one on her team that knows how to use a hammer. Kelsey could best be described as: *a. Maven 19.
John is enthusiastic, optimistic, and well-liked by everyone on his team, asking him one of the most influential members. According to Malcolm Caldwell, author of The Tipping point, John derives his credibility from being *b. Salesperson 20. The author of the textbook gives a “Top 1 0” list of hard lessons learned by working in teams. This list includes: a. Be easy on people and tough on the problem b. Being trustworthy is a good thing c. Take your time *d. All of the above 21 . The following is an example of personalization: “We need a budget for the project by tomorrow or else we will cancel the project altogether. A. True *b. False 22. Lisa does not get the promotion she wanted. She concludes that her boss doesn’t like her and is probably still is upset that she accidentally spilled coffee on him two weeks. The following is an example of both personalization and mind reading. *a. True b. False 23. Grouping is a collaborative group decision making effort that has become popular in recent years as a valuable decision making tool. 24. Shared information bias is a common occurrence in teams where member’s fear challenged or being challenged in their perspectives. True 25.
The Orientation phase of decision making involves brainstorming and proposing solutions to a given problem. 6. An example of an objective of the Discussion phase of decision making would be to critique the accuracy of and evidence for one’s conclusions. 27. Carl Jung defines introverts as people whose personalities lend them to spending more time alone or with small groups. False 28. Systems thinking encourages group members to resist reductionism views of problem solving in order to avoid short-sighted solutions and unintended consequences. 29. The Decision Rule phase is often when roles and tasks are assigned. 0. Diffuse status characteristics have little to do with the task at hand and so hey are generally ignored when judging or perceiving group members. 31 . What is Fundamental Attribution Error? What are three common mistakes (aka cognitive distortions) made when receiving and responding to messages, as identified by Beck (1995), that are associated with Fundamental Attribution Error? (Note that these are different than Grouping, overconfidence, etc. ). For one of the three, give an example. Correct Answer: Varies 32. Describe the Functional Model of Decision Making.
Pick two of the steps in the decision making process and describe how leaving them out might negatively affect a decision. 3. Give a personal or historical example of a decision making process gone wrong. Use your knowledge of either the Functional Model of Decision Making or the Ladder of Inference, as well as your knowledge of common decision making problems. Chi 1 . While growing up there are many external factors that influence the creative potential of an individual. During the adolescent and young years there is one specific factor that plays a key role in nurturing the development of creativity.
This force fosters creativity through providing knowledge, resources, and encouragement to an individual. What is this force? *a. Mentoring 2. Tyler is working math problems for his calculus class. Which type of problem will most likely involve divergent thought? A. Arithmetic problem b. Drawing a graph c. Algebra problem *d. All of the above are examples of convergent thought 3. Elliot works for a large supermarket. He receives an email from Mark, the UP of Marketing. The UP wants Elliot to design a new store layout that will encourage customers to see more of the store, and so purchase more. Mark wants the design by next week.
In order to accomplish his task, Elliot should: *d. Think elaborately 4. Which of the following is true concerning creative people? *d. Their creativity is often limited to one domain 5. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a creative person? *b. Acceptance of Norms 6. Which of the following is not one of the group processes that reduces the effectiveness of brainstorming? *a. Negative morning 7. In which career would convergent thought be used more commonly than divergent thought? *b. Accounting 8. At Google, employees are often given a large portion of the day to work independently on any projects that they choose.
What character trait is Google trying to encourage in its employees? *b. Intrinsic Motivation 9. Ambler’s (1985, 1990) poem experiment found that: *c. Extrinsic prompts have a negative effect on creativity 10. Sentimentally (1 988; 1 990) posits that creativity can be understood within three subsystems: *d. Person, domain, field 1 1 How could the difference between a field and domain be most aptly described? A domain is a realm of expertise while a field is a group of people who define excellence for that realm 12. Which social influence has the most impact on an individual’s creativity ring adolescence and young adulthood? D. Mentors 13. Generally speaking, what is the most significant social influence on the development of creativity? *a. Parents 14. Which of the following social influences is best known for having both a positive and negative influence on creative development? *a. Education 15. Which of the following statements is true concerning creative influence? *d. Mentor figures are especially important in adolescence and young adulthood, but colleagues are the primary influences in adulthood. 16. Organizational creativity under the conditions that: *a. Creative ideas should be supported, but also critiqued and evaluated 17.
Each was a group leader in a project last semester, and it was very time consuming and taxing on him. This semester he has yet another group project to do. He notices that Nicole is on his team. She was also in his class last semester and he remembers her as Very proactive and hard-working. He determines that he will “sit this one out’ and delegate most of his work to Nicole. Each is demonstrating: Social Loafing 18. Which of the following is not true of creative people? *c. Creative people are limited inasmuch as they are restrained by social invention 19.

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