Double Trouble Mystery

It all started on one bitterly cold December morning, I do believe that it was the week before Christmas when myself and Dr Daniel Barnet were suddenly awoken by a knocking at the door, the Dr was the first to rise as I always take my time, as I lifted myself from the bed I could hear the voice of a lady, the voice seemed familiar but I could not for the life of me think who it was, I wrapped my dressing gown around me and opened the chamber door, the morning sunlight was protruding through a small gap in the curtains. As I walked down the hall way the voice became evermore familiar but still I could not muster as who the woman was. As I slowly stepped down the stairs I could hear that Dr Barnet and the lady were not alone. I reached the bottom step and turned the corner only to my surprise it was my sister and her faithful dog Simon.
I could not believe my eyes that my own sister of the higher class would be seen with the middle classes such as my self and Dr Barnet. Dr Barnet said I would like you to meet my associate Professor Williams, as my sister turned round to look at me I could see in the way that she looked that something was not right. Her eyes finally made contact with me, the sun shining through the window lead my eye to the tear which was now forming in her eye; she ran over to me and sobbed its Chris, its Chris. Being her brother I instantly said calm down Rose what has happened to Chris. She burst out into floods of tears; Daniel sat her down and told her to start from the beginning of what had happened. While Dr Barnet was calming down my beloved sister I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on.
Seconds later I heard Daniel call me in, so I put down the tea pot and plodded into the lounge, an instinct told me that I should go and sit next to Rose as she needed my support. In trying to do so Simon her faithful dog jumped up and sat next to her leaning over her as if she needed protection. I pulled a chair up to the side of her and said Rose can you tell Dr Barnet and I exactly what is wrong,

“it all started last week when I had told Christopher that I wanted to throw a candle lit supper for a few acquaintances, but Christopher being Christopher refused to let me have it so I said to him that if he didn’t let me have the party terrible things would happen to him.” explained Rose.
“Go on” replied Daniel
“as I was saying I told him that bad things would happen if he didn’t let me have my candle lit supper, hoping that he would let me have it like he usually does, but this time he stuck with his original answer of NO, so I tried to convince him that it would be a fun evening leading up to Christmas but he would not have any more talk about the party, and since me saying that bad things would happen if he didn’t let me have the party bad things have been happening, firstly Christopher’s mother passes away and leaves nothing to him in her will, as she said that he was too greedy and only wanted to inherit the land or the money.”
Dr Barnet asked Rose “when did Christopher’s mother pass on”
“On Friday was when she passed away” replied Rose
Do proceed with the story I added taking notes as the story was being revealed.
“after Christopher’s mother’s funeral we went round to his mothers estate, and went to tidy up all her belongings, Christopher found this very hard and could not bare to do any more as the sudden death of is mother had caused him to have severe psychological problems, this caused him to start drinking. He never drank not even on special occasions. He started acting like a child which our ten year old son Thomas found strange, seeing as Christopher had taught Thomas how to be a gentleman. Now Christopher had started drinking he would spend more and more time out of the house, one night he did not return”
“Can you remember which night this was?” asked Dr Barnet
“I believe it was Tuesday night that he did not return home.”
“Has he ever done anything like this before” I added
“Not to my recognition” replied Rose.
“Please continue.” said Daniel.
Well I telephoned the office in which he works and he was there but in a very important meeting on which the business’ finance could depend. That night he returned home and was fine but he did not act his usual self. He did not give me the normal peck on the cheek and walked straight past Thomas as if he didn’t actually exist. He went straight upstairs, got into bed and went to sleep without saying a word.”
That is certainly unlike Christopher to ignore Thomas as they have such a good father son relationship. I said calmly even though rage was building up inside of me because of the way that Chris could treat my only sister.
She continued with the ever amazing story.
“The next morning he woke up did not say a word, went straight downstairs after getting dressed had his breakfast and went straight off to work. This was breaking his usual routine. As he would normally lounge around in his dressing gown before having breakfast, once he’d had breakfast with the family he would let Thomas use the bathroom first then he would use it. They would both get dressed and Christopher would take Thomas to school on his way to work. Thomas was so disappointed that his dad had ignored him and not taken him to school.”
My blood began to boil could not hold in the hatred for this man any longer, he had been treating my sister and my nephew so badly I could just kill him.
“Since then I have not heard or seen of him I thought he was staying at the office and doing over time to raise funds for Christmas to buy little Thomas his Christmas presents, that is why I have come to find you,”
Do you have any more information about where he could be or anything that could get us started. Asked Dr Barnet.
“Well there was a report that noises were heard near my husbands late mothers house, but I dare not go there as I do not have the company of a man who I stronger that I.” replied rose in a tearful kind of way.
Dr Barnet and Rose sat down to talk about what Daniel and myself will have to do. Whilst all this was going on I decided to have a low fat breakfast as I had noticed that I was getting to be a bit on the large side. So toast and butter it was even though I found it hard to resist the preserves.
Dr Barnet had arranged for us to meat Rose outside the house of her husband’s late mother at 10:30, we arrived at about 10:15 to get a quick look at the neighbourhood surrounding the estate. There was a drive to the house about fifty metres long which had a Rolls Royce standing proudly at the top of the drive. The house was of Victorian build with a distinct window which overlooked the street, this window was situated in the attic, and Dr Barnet said to me that he just saw the blind move.
At that point Rose turned up to let us into the home. The first thing we noticed was a family photo with Christopher on his father’s shoulders and a boy who was identical to Christopher standing net to his mother along with his older brother Scott and sister Lyn who now owned the house.
As we walked through the house there was a feeling that we should not be her but Dr Barnet said that I was only imagining it. We found another photograph of the two identical boys one of which being Christopher. When we reached the first floor of the house we found the wallet of Christopher and in it there was a business card saying: Christopher Smith accountant’s office of the Perm Wigs Corporation. But a Bank card with the name Robert Smith on it.
We finally managed to comb our way to the top floor and still nothing. Dr Barnet decided that we should look in the attic as he thought that he saw the blonds move. As we walked up the narrow stair way full of cobwebs and dust the floor boards creaked when we neared the summit we were blinded by the sunlight from a gap in the roof where a tile had blown off. The attic was full of boxes some of which were coffin shaped. And covered with white sheets, some of which had turned a brown colour over time. We searched through all the boxes and under all the sheets we had given up hope of finding any more clues until Rose stumbles upon a closet situated behind a large stack of boxes. There was no dust on these boxes so they had not been left in that spot for any length of time. Rose slowly turned the handle o the door and it opened with a creak.
Behind the door there was a white cloth covering something. There was a red stain on the cloth which had started to turn a dark brown colour it looked as if it was blood. As Rose took hold of the corner of the cloth and pulled it. She exposed the badly beaten body of her husband who had been killed by means of extreme torture and being savagely attacked by a sharp object. I concluded that he had been tied up at one point as he seemed to have burns on his wrist but Dr Barnet said that he thought he had been shackled with chains as the burns looked like a chain pattern.
Rose smith identified the body and said that she believed it to the body of her husband Christopher. By now Simon the Saint Bernard was jumping around getting agitated as he did so he bumped into a wall which was inside the store cupboard, the wall opened it was on a hinge and in this room we found a candle which was alight and a red rose in front of a picture of which we thought was Christopher and a tape player was on with the queen classic the show must go on playing. There was a small coffee table on the far side of this hidden room and sitting at it was Christopher but we thought that he was the dead person we found. Rose ran over to him and said in a soft voice Christopher and he turned round with tears streaming from his eyes with a piece of paper in his hands that says at the top last will and testimony. He is muttering “sorry mum I didn’t mean to do it. Please for give me.”
Rose slapped him round the face and asked him what he didn’t mean to do to his brother Rob,
He replied in a tearful way I killed Rob I killed Rob,
“Who is Rob?” asked Dr Barnet
My identical brother my mothers favourite son and he got the rolls and all of mothers money and I got nothing so I wanted it all for myself so I ties him up in chains and attached it to the mains electricity and I whipped him with grandfathers sabre which he used in a fencing competition.
I called the authorities and they dealt with the matter so all the clues we found could not have helped us in any way as they were identical twins and we could not tell the difference and that was only down to the split personality of one greedy man who was not happy unless he had everything. Since then I have looked after my sister and I now live with them taking care of them until Christopher is finally classed as a sane person and he can once again look after his family.
That was the tale of the double trouble mystery. Another mystery solved for the ever expanding case book of world famous Professor Williams and Dr Barnet.

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Double Trouble Mystery
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