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Free Essay Topic Generator

Do you need a topic for your next piece of academic assignment? Don’t spend hours researching for one. Our research and essay topic generator has covered you! Just follow the four simple steps:

1.Select an assignment

2.Select a subject

  1. Press the “Search topic’’ button and check the ideas proposed by the topic randomizer.
  2. Refresh the list in case you need more options.

Are you in this situation? You have been assigned an essay and required to come up with a topic to write about. Choosing an idea of such a paper is challenging at times. You may have an endless number of essay topics but choosing the best feels overwhelming.

Simplify this process with course scholars! We offer topics for all academic papers. With a few clicks, our essay topic generator will provide you with brilliant ideas for your assignment. The creativity of our amazing generating tool will surprise you.

Benefits of Our Topic Generator

1.It’s free of charge and no registration required

How many times did you come across a supposedly free tool only to be requested to sign up?

This time, that’s not a problem!. Use our random topic generator without registration or payments.

2.The generator is fast

The search speed plays an important role if you have deadlines. You don’t have to deal with slow processing speed with this generator. Instead of spending your time choosing a topic, concentrate on researching the subject.

  1. It’s user-friendly

No detailed instructions are required on how to use this writing topic generator. It has a super-automatic interface. One button and two categories to pick from. That’s it!

  1. The tool has a huge information database

Unutilized ideas are out there waiting for you. Our generating tool collects them from different sources and suggests them here. The list of topics is regularly updated to propose more relevant ideas.

5.Accessible online

All you need is an internet connection and then access our free tool.

How to Choose a Good Topic?

Choosing the best topic is difficult especially when you have alot of options. To select the most appropriate for your academic writing, check out the following guide.

🎓Select an Assignment

To start with, check on your tutor’s requirements and instructions. Are you required to prepare the assignment in a specific format or choose assignment type and format? If so, select one from the list. With our topic generator, search an idea specifically for:

a)Blog posts. Choose what you can write about a blog. The ideas should be relevant and attract potential readers.

b)Essays. Use our topic randomizer to pick the best idea. The tool proposes a title based on paper type, with each one having certain characteristics.

c)Poem. Our topic generator will inspire you and boost your imagination.

🙋Pick a Subject

Our generator proposes all areas of a research subject. It provides a collection of specific topics on natural sciences, healthcare, and medicine. You can also find an idea of a paper on law, business, political science, history, or religion. Whatever subject you choose, you will get tons of engaging ideas.

👀Consider the Topics

After checking on the proposed ideas, choose a few topics. Eliminate them one by one. Write down the picked ones or copypaste them elsewhere. Using our topic generator, make your list to compare and contrast the items later. You can narrow your topics down further if selected ideas are broad. Modify the topics based on your requirements and needs.

🎯Define a Thesis Statement

Try to create a thesis statement. Although you don’t have to create it immediately, it will direct your research and develop your arguments. Turn the given sentence into a question and try to answer it. It is vital because this claim will become your thesis.


A thesis statement is neither an announcement nor an essay title. It is a certain assertion that expresses the key idea of academic writing. Create it at the beginning of your paper to make the reader understand your points from the start.

🔍Research your Topic and Start an Outline

To produce an excellent paper, you need in-depth knowledge of the idea you have chosen. Find factual information to support your thesis statement. To start with, investigate the idea and compose an outline. Select a new topic or change the existing one if you cant structure and write an appropriate text.

Pro tip:

Include topical sentences at the beginning of each paragraph to organize your essay. They should have the idea you are discussing and link to your thesis statement.







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