Hrm: Procter & Gamble

Human resource management is a vital part to any business striving to be successful in the world.
Every business has a way that they like their business to be ran. Human Resource management is the “policies, practices, and systems that influence employee’s behavior, attitudes, and performance. ” Without human resource management many companies would simply not be able to function correctly. Human resource management deals with every practical part that has to do with people in general. It depends on the employees of a company to want their company to be a success.It is always a team effort to make sure everything is right and acceptable. This paper explores the different aspects of human resource in a company.
It details the relationship between human resource strategies and business strategies. It shows specific strategies that will benefit a company’s overall objective. The strategic partner is discussed greatly in the paper. The paper discusses the situation where the strategic manager reports to the CEO or in some cases where it does not. Procter and Gamble is the company that will be discussed in regards to its business and human resource strategies.There are key competencies that the strategic manager must follow to assess what is needed to develop programs for a company. The career path for a senior executive is also discussed.

| The human resource department of a company usually formulates more than one strategy. They all come together for one purpose and that is the success of the company. In order to advance to an actual strategy a company’s human resource department must go through many steps devising. A company’s human resource strategy usually consists of many things such as, what the company, employees, and sometimes their customers need.The relationship between human resource strategies and business strategies aids in the outcome of the company’s goals. One of the main goals of human resource management is to make sure that the company’s human resource provides a competitive advantage over other companies. There are many problems that exists that cause human resource management to choose other routes for the company.
The strategies the company chooses can be “the specific adjustments and actions taken to deal with a particular situation. ” That is the reason there is always more than one strategy in business. For every problem, a new solution is needed to solve it.The human resource strategy and business strategy go hand and hand. Human resource typically is what helps the company’s business strategy to come together. The human resource department decides on recruitment, compensation, recruiting, training and development and also evaluating performance. Human resource has to make sure the company is competitive in relation to other companies in their spectrum.
“Competitiveness is related to company effectiveness, “which means that a company must make sure that all people involved with their company are satisfied and receiving what they expect.Important people include stockholders, customers and employees. Stockholders generally expect to receive a return on their investment that they have purchased from the company. If the company cannot pay out stockholders then this must mean that the company is not making money. The customers expect a product of high quality or service just as good. People set high standards on products and services that they like. If they are not satisfied then the company has not succeeded in this.
Without competition companies would probably never make the maximum profit that they are able to make.Competitiveness aids in helping a company go over and above the standard of what is expected. Human resource helps with this. All aspects of the company rely on the human resource strategy. Every company has a business strategy that they go by. What the company wants to focus on to be successful typically maps out their business strategy. The business strategies are usually the base of a successful business.
The business strategies usually answer many questions about the company and what their expectations are for the long run.The long-term view of the company, the markets they want to pursue, what resources they need, and the main point they think about is whether they will be able to keep up and compete. The strategy a business chooses is what makes the company know how they will function. Choosing a strategy is not the end to the process, the company still has to figure out how they will apply it to the company’s way of functioning. Strategy has to be thought about on a level of what the company can do regarding the internal and external environment.The business strategy has to be able to work with both internal and external activity to be successful. Without a successful internal, there is no way the company can excel at the level that they wish to.
The company uses it’s mission, goals, external and internal analysis to reach their business strategy. The relationships between human resource strategy and business strategy have reason together. They both go hand and hand with one another. People have to believe in a strategy and this requires that leaders create the right environment for the change to occur and for believing that it can.All human resource strategies are implemented with the business strategy in mind. Human resource strategies usually provide support for the business strategy. The human resource strategies and business strategies must be aligned.
The aligning of the two strategies is important because it helps the company to execute its business strategy. A company’s business strategy needs certain things from human resource. The human resource strategy must be able to complete its goals to the company by providing employees that are needed to carry out the business strategy.The human resource strategy has many features that aid in the future success of the business strategy. Human resource has a major influence on business strategy. A successful business depends on how well the human resource strategy is implemented to aid in the business strategy. The Procter and Gamble Company, is one of the largest packaged consumer goods company in the world.
Procter and Gamble is responding creatively and competitively with branded products and services that enhance firm’s performance and their consumer’s satisfaction.Two men, William Gamble and John Procter, founded Procter and Gamble. Procter and Gamble strives to provide products and services of the best quality. Their products must be of the best standards. They strive to offer products that will take them over the competition by the customers. Procter and Gamble has come a long way from where it started in 1837. The company employs over 98,000 people and they operate in over 140 countries.
Procter and Gamble first started its production by working out of a storeroom. The business began during nationwide panic and depression.But the struggling young firm survived. Cincinnati proved a sound business base because as a meat packing center, it offered plenty of fat and oil for soap and candle making. Procter and Gamble’s profit is more than some countries GDP. They produce many products from soap to baby diapers. They are a company that many people depend on.
Procter and Gamble is a company that focuses on sense and value. Procter and Gamble has a strategy of touching and improving more consumers’ lives in more parts of the world. One of Procter and Gamble’s biggest functions is the idea of innovation.Procter and Gamble are known around the world for its innovation of its products. The success of Procter and Gamble comes from the company not being afraid to take risks. They have ventured and tried many products un-related to what products they began with. Procter and Gamble owns over 300 brands.
Procter and Gamble has prospered by organizing around customer driven innovation. Procter and Gamble works by trying to increase how much earning per share of their company is a year. It usually starts at 4% to 6% but by the end of the year it has grown a couple of percents.This helps to show the company that they are making a profit because of the increases. Procter and Gamble work to connect with the consumer and customer. The innovation of product depends on the customer’s first experience. If they enjoy it, then Procter and Gamble have found a new loyal user.
The innovation strategy is a great way for the company to achieve its overall goals. If the innovation is a success than the company has a new product that consumers and customers can get. It provides satisfaction to customers, helps with the company’s profit, and would essentially be a positive thing for the company.Procter and Gamble is a company that focuses on the good of the environment and people. There are different human resource strategies that can influence Proctor and Gamble’s ability to achieve its objective. A type of human resource strategy that provides certain compensation for workers who achieve goals for that the company has set would be effective for the company. Employees would work harder to get money when there is an essential benefit to what they are doing extra for the company.
It sort of challenges the employees to work over and above what they are expected by the company.Another, type of human resource strategy would be the type of recruiting the human resource department chooses. The human resource department must recruit in places where the best people are. A company wants the best and most knowledgeable workers they can get to achieve objective. A third human resource strategy could be related to benefits to customers. Any person would love to work in that offer the best benefits for both short and long term..
With this strategy, human resource would concentrate on helping their employees. There could be many different type of programs implemented to help employees with any need they have.There are different strategies that human resource could use to obtain a company’s objective. They all must come together for the positive influence of the company. The human resource management side of an organization is important for a business. The human resource department reports to the chief executive officer or CEO as a strategic partner. The chief executive officer expects a lot from human resource.
Communication is a key for the business to rely important information to higher levels of the business. The strategic partner is the person that aligns human resource management strategies to business strategies.They would typically be the person that reports all information about human resource to the chief executive officer. By reporting to the CEO, the strategic partner is building a relationship between the two. The report the strategic partner shares with the CEO is translating the human resource case into a definite plan. The role of strategic partner gives direct contact with the CEO. Human resource has the opportunity to more opinion of the expectations and challenges a company faces with direct contact with the CEO.
Being a strategic partner provides the human resource department with more input in company decision.The consequences that a company might face because of the human resource not reporting to CEO could be minor or major. Depending on the company, the human resource aspect of the company not reporting to the CEO directly might cause a problem because of the lack of communication. The CEO is the person who is a top power of the company. When the human resource reports as strategic manager is shows the human resource department more about the company. They have more inside view of the company’s needs for future planning of human resource.The CEO’S opinion matters greatly when it comes to human resource and their decision.
All businesses must work as a team in order to achieve their overall objectives. As stated earlier, the human resource strategy and business strategy work together. Therefore without the reporting to the CEO there might be miscommunication between what is expected from both departments. The strategic partner provides good opinions to the CEO on behalf of the human resource department. Without this connection between the strategic partner and CEO, the company might lose out on vital information needed to make it better.All employees should work together for the greater good of the company. A human resource executive must know the key competencies of business in order to develop appropriate programs for the company.
There are four main competencies a human resource executive must be aware of. The first is the business competence. This is knowing all about the company. The human resource executive must be aware of the company’s financial capabilities. The business competence helps in making decisions that helps support the company’s strategic plan. This competence also deals with both monetary and nonmonetary business.The human resource executive must make decisions based on the amount of money available but also make decisions about other issues that do not require money.
The next competence would be the professional and technical knowledge aspect of business. The human resource executive should know everything that regards to human resource management practices. They need to know everything and keep up with new programs and plans being applied to human resource departments. The human resource executive must be able to know what new programs can be used to benefit the company.The human resource executive also must be equipped in the ability to change. The HR executive must keep up with any change in the company. One minor change within the company’s strategy causes every department to change in a way.
Changes might cause problems for departments. The human resource executive must be able to oversee these problems and choose the most efficient way to solve. The final thing the human resource executive must know is the integration competence. The human resource executive must be able to bring together all the competence to ensure the company’s value is up.All parts of the company’s human resource should work together to ensure the goal they are seeking to meet. With the knowing the different competencies for human resource, the executive should be able to develop different risk management programs for the company. The human resource executive should be very knowledgeable about the company and the external environment in order to assess what is needed.
There are many jobs available in the field of human resource management with many different salary ranges. Of course, the top paying human resource job ould be senior human resource executive. A college degree and postgraduate work are what most workers of the human resource profession have. Many companies train beginning human resource workers by letting them work in different departments of the business. When they eventually move up in the HR department they have a sense of how the business is ran. The path to being a senior human resource executive comes with time and experience. A person must always start at the bottom and make their way to the top.
There are many HR jobs available with different specialization.A person must climb the corporate ladder in order to become a senior HR executive.References Anonymous. “Strategic HR Review. ” Chicago: Jan/Feb 2005. Vol. 4, Iss.
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