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How to Write Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is an essay where the author tells a story. The story depends on the author’s point of view or personal experience. The essay tells the readers about events, interactions, and experiences that the author went through at a point in life. It provides specific and sensory details to the readers making them understand and get involved.

Purpose of Narrative Essays

  1. Telling stories
  2. Telling about personal experience
  3. Guide a reader and allow them to draw their own conclusion.

Characteristics of a narrative essay

  1. They are mostly written to inform and they are written in the 1st person voice.
  2. Their main person is to inform. They do not teach or argue.
  3. Describe a person, an event, or a scene by giving details and in chronological order.
  4. They are non-fictional and thus they tell about the actual experience.
  5. They follow the structure of an essay although they include the elements of a story.

The Structure of a Narrative Essay

For a narrative to be a story, it must have the following 5 elements.

  1. Plot- This refers to all events happening in the story.
  2. Setting- This refers to when and where the events of the story happened. The place and the time.
  3. Character- This refers to the protagonist (the main character) who drives most of the events in your story. There can also be supporting characters.
  4. Conflict- This refers to a problem in the narrative that the main character is expected to solve. It can be referred to as a hero’s struggle or moment of tension that he has to win.
  5. Theme- It refers to the moral of a story. What did you learn as the reader or what message did the author want to pass?

The Narrative Format/The Narrative Arc

This refers to a sequence of events in a story. It is the sequential construction of your plot and it is made up of the following components.

  1. Exposition- This refers to the introduction of the narrative, background information about the main characters, and the setting of the story.
  2. Rising action- This is a trigger that creates tension making the reader understand what the story is about. It is the time when the conflict appears.
  3. Climax- It refers to the point of highest tension and drama. The main event or crisis of your story. When the main character has to make a choice.
  4. Falling action- It is the moment of resolving the conflict. This results from the decision the main character made.
  5. Resolution- This is the conclusive part of your story that contains the moral or the message you wanted to pass.

What are the Guidelines for writing a good narrative?

  1. Consider the top of your narrative.
  2. Start by writing a draft.
  3. Ensure your narrative has storyline elements.
  4. Have a point of view that is clear and understandable.
  5. Support your argument by proving and supporting it.
  6. Avoid giving details that add nothing to your story.
  7. Use appropriate language by using simple and clear words.
  8. Review your essay to check for grammar mistakes and plagiarism
  9. Describe events as they happened.
  10. Read narrative essays from other people to learn more.

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