Science and Religion: A Case Study

In this study, it is expected that we will know that Darwin’s theory of evolution supports confrontational model of science and religion. In effect, the landmark case of Darwin’s theory of evolution will be then discussed. It has been widely believed that all life is related and descended from a common ancestor. It means that complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time.
It has something to do with natural selection. This can be illustrated when we will think of a member of a species developed a functional  advantage when for instance it grew wings and learned to fly its offspring will inherit that advantage and pass it on to their offspring. In this sense, the inferior or disadvantaged members of the same species would gradually die out and the superior members will remain.
Natural selection is basically a preservation of a functional advantage that enables a species to compete better in the wild and in the long run, eliminate inferior species as it is the naturalistic equivalent to domestic breeding (Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, 2002, p.1). A species is a population of  organisms that interbreeds and has fertile offspring. Living organisms have descended with modifications from species that lived before their time.

Naturally, natural selection explains how this evolution has happened. Because of limited resources and supply of needs, more organisms are produced than can survive. As such, organisms tend to struggle for the necessities of life. In other words, there is an evident competition of resources.
Aside from that, individuals within a population vary in their traits and we knew that some of these traits are heritable which can be passed on to offspring. Some variants of organisms are better adapted to survive and reproduce under local conditions than others. In layman’s term, this has been also understood as the survival of the fittest wherein better-adapted individuals are more likely to survive and reproduce thereby passing on copies of their genes to the next generation. In the end, species whose individuals are best adapted survive and others become extinct. Now, it is respectfully submitted that Darwin’s theory of evolution supports confrontational model of religion. Historically, the most significant understanding or perspective of the relation between science and religion is that of conflict or perhaps even warfare (Mc Grath, 1998, p. 44). Science actually is in conflict with religion. It will never coincide no matter how scientific is the presentation of Darwin with respect to the theory of evolution.
The fact that no empirical evidence in support of such a notion has ever been discovered or put forward almost defies belief that such a theory could become the predominant scientific view of reality (Paterson, 2005, p. 1). Confronted by the strength of religious belief, Darwin’s theory of evolution can be considered as a myth. Myth was traditionally viewed as a fable, invention and fiction something which is not really existing (Eliade, 1998, p. 1). Nowadays, myth can be considered as fiction or illusion. Also read D esperate Air case analysis
Essentially, the meaning of Darwin’s theory of evolution was that all species including humanity was a result from a long and complex process of biological evolution. It has been suggested earlier that the process of evolution had taken place through a massive struggle for existence. It even claims that humans are an extension of apes, and that human intelligence and language ability are accidentally acquired abilities.
As we know, the theory of evolution is based on a scientific approach. It has been going through experimentation, modifications and expansions everyday with the speed of light as science progresses. We need to remember that science does not rest on beliefs, it is self-correcting endeavor. Science depends on hypothesis, tests, logic, proofs and the rationality of a proposed hypothesis or theory.
The theory of evolution presented by Darwin indeed supports confrontational model of religion. It confronts the truthfulness or falsity of the same. The warfare of science and religion is evident in the landmark case presented. As such, it is respectfully presented that man was never an extension on apes disqualifying the theory of Darwin. The ability of man to speak and its intelligence was never a coincidence or acquired.
As science do not rests on beliefs, religion is simply a feeling and a belief. It is innate on man to feel that there is a Supreme Being that made or created everything we see.  The existence of human race was planned and created with  a purpose. It was never resulted from evolution of nature. As religion would tell us, the Supreme Being that was believed to be the creator was referred to by men as God. As science was not able to prove the perfectly that men was an extension of apes, religion indeed proved that there was human faith on God.
Human race is the highest of all creation and its intelligence is far more powerful than apes. As the scriptures would tell us, we came from eternity with the presence of God. We are sent here on earth to be tried and tested. Human beings are also provided with everything on earth for them to survive and all the beasts creeping and flying in the air are intended for his their food and survival. Hence, it is not true that man should at all times compete with animals in order to survive. This is because some animals are really made for the benefit of man.
The fact that there is survival of the fittest issue in the existence of organisms is part of the wisdom of the Supreme Being who created all these things. The natural selection was part of the mysterious creation of the universe that even science cannot deeply fathom. As one of the purpose of science is to destroy the sacredness and mystery of creation, it greatly lowered the value of man  pulling them to the level of animals as that of apes. Religious belief would not agree with this because it was known that man was created in the image of God. The image of apes was just one of the images God wants to create as animals lower than the value of man in terms of existence and intellect. It is true that there has been a massive struggle of existence but it has nothing to do with the existence of man being evolved as animals. Men are not animals, they belong to the human race and the human race is definitely not under the animal species.
The confrontational model of religion is simply telling us that science and religion greatly  conflict with each other. In relation to Darwin’s theory of evolution, religion will be affected by its presentation because it will tell us that the existence of God is not true.
However, as it confronts religion, there are so many concrete evidences that will support the fact that the theory is indeed a myth and never was a reality. What is the power of science in giving us all the answers of our questions when the same knowledge that it want to mold came from the Supreme being? It has none for in the first place it never even proved what is next after earthly life.
Its evidences pertaining to the decrease of human existence and its increase is somewhat overly scientific but not divinely unique. But religion would tell us a different story as it has something to do with our faith in God.  It is more powerful than any other knowledge because it came from an innate feeling that we are the sons and daughters of God. Thus, our ancestors are not apes but our human ancestors. As simple as that.
Ironically, no one will ever be happy to believe that we came from the race of apes. We are called to multiply in this earth not to interbreed but to procreate in accordance with our original image. Humans will multiply and animals will also multiply differently. If we ever follow science, then our existence will be put to mockery and never will be purposeful. We never want to be seen as animals who existed for nothing at all. We live and survive because we belong into a divine family as we are created by God. Our offspring are also human beings and not apes. Our descendants look like us and not that of apes. It was never modified from species to species because everything existed as it was created by God. Therefore, natural selection and evolution is not true and is just an illusion. The wisdom of God is greater than everything as it was its creator.
The theory of evolution by Darwin was never a non-confrontational model because it directly belies the existence of man as a creation of God. Religion was directly attacked in this situation and it will affect the strength of anyone’s beliefs. As there was no concrete foundation that will prove that men was indeed came from apes, the theory must be taken as a fiction.
The extinction of every organism or species will depend upon the will of God. It will not even follow that because it can never survive in a competition around the environment, it will be lost because God can find ways for its survival. It can be understood in the ability of the Supreme Being to end or take away the life of any person where scientific knowledge and prowess can never stop. The ability of doctors to keep life going in the midst of life-saving situations will be put to nothing when God will exercise its right to take away a life He alone created. Why? Can anyone choose when to die? Of, course not. Hence, when religion is confronted with the idea that it was never a reality will always prevail because science cannot disprove its mystery.
As s summary, it was discussed that Darwin’s theory of evolution means that all life is related and descended from a common ancestor and that complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time. This theory was even seen to support the confrontational model of religion wherein science and religion actually in conflict with each other. It was never true that men evolved from apes and that we are created by a divine Supreme Being called God based on religious beliefs.
Finally, the wisdom of man is greater than animals. It follows that our wisdom and intelligence is higher than apes. Therefore, our ancestors are not apes but men themselves.
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Science and Religion: A Case Study
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