9 Steps on How to Write an Excellent Academic Paper





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9 Steps on How to Write an Excellent Academic Paper

How to Write an Excellent Academic Paper

An excellent academic paper meets the three basic criteria: Focus on issues concerning the academic group, contain a well-informed argument, written by scholars for other scholars. When writing an academic paper, use a formal writing style, specific vocabulary terms, and a third-person perspective. Here are the steps to follow when writing an academic paper;Excellent Academic Paper

Step 1. Choose Brilliant Topic

Selecting a topic is a common challenge for many students when writing their research papers. Choosing and defining a hot topic is an important part of a successful research project. However, don’t feel nervous coming up with the right header of your research paper at this stage. The decision comes much later.

Step 2. Formulate Your Topic as a Research Question

A research question is the foundation of a scholarly paper. Think of your research project as a house. The data collection forms walls, the hypothesis is the foundation and your research question is the ground beneath your house. You can see how a research question is very fundamental. It needs to be well-grounded, objective, and answerable. At this stage, it is very crucial to develop a preliminary research question. Keep in mind you will likely refine it or change it later.

Step 3. Read and Make Notes

At this stage of topic selection, you may have probably reviewed some sources. But now it’s time to dig deeper. Start with making a list of sources you plan to use. They should be relevant and current to the topic. Understand what scholars in your field say about your topic. It is worth taking notes while reading. This will assist you to convert them into a full literature review section afterward.

Step 4. Formulate a Thesis Statement

After deciding on the research question, and having an idea of what scholars say about your topic, make your ideas more solid. Formulate a thesis statement that aims to show the main argument of your academic paper. Persuade your audience you have something valuable to talk about. An excellent thesis statement should be objective, debatable, and concise.

Step 5. Get Your Empirical Results

If you need empirical evidence to prove your thesis, allot enough time to collect it. Although this step is not usually necessary, it’s flexible according to your specific topic. Various scholars conduct their research differently. Consult your professor in case you have any questions regarding gathering empirical evidence.

Step 6. Plan Your academic Paper

Organize your ideas logically in an outline platform at this stage. Think of your main points that support your thesis. Use them as subheadings for your paper’s body paragraph. A typical academic paper structure consists of an abstract, introduction, literature review, methods section, result section, discussion, and conclusion respectively.

Step 7. Write Your Draft

An outline that you already have can guide you at this stage. Create the first draft of your paper by filling in details of each section. The header of your paper is vital. It’s the first thing your audience will see. Therefore, create a good impression on your title. Make a list of the keywords

containing the topic and method you used, and the results obtained. Create a sentence that contains lots of keywords. Make it logical and brief and include a subtitle if needed.

Step 8.Revise and Edit the Draft

Revise and edit the content and grammar in your paper. Ensure there are no errors and other academic mistakes in your paper. This will guarantee your audience gets a clear impression of your work. Use our checklist to make your paper perfect.

Step 9.Format Your Academic Paper

At this stage, confirm your academic paper format meets the correct style requirements. Check on the citations. There are many citation styles but the most common are APA and MLA.APA is often used in social sciences(Sociology, Anthropology, Economics). If you need a paper written in APA format, get it from course scholars. MLA is the leading style in humanities, languages, and humanities. It enables researchers and students to format their papers in a universal way. Get a top-notch academic paper written by an expert from course scholars. Simply place an order and get your paper done. Contact us for more details and inquiries. We are available 24/7.

Writing an “A” essay is a very challenging task for a majority of students. Actually, it`s not odd at all that most students encounter a lot of problems on their way to successful assignment completion. They might feel some difficulties while starting their essays, structuring them, and choosing the appropriate writing technique. What is more, some students just can`t avoid failure at checking their own paper. If you recognize yourself in these lines, then you should just do your best and get some professional help. And we are always here for you Macroessays.com. Our essay writing service is always happy to take some of this academic load off your shoulders.

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