Integrative Case Study – Cafe Co

Edinburgh Napier University BA Hospitality and Service Management Introduction to Human Resource Management HRM08901 Assignment Submission (Part2) Integrative Case Study – Cafe Co Lecturer:Fiona Duncan Local Tutor:Pamela Poon Student Name:Yiu Chun Hei, Jonas Matriculation No. :40075274 Year and Class:BAHSM- 1B Entry:Diploma Date of Submission: 7 March 2011 Table of Contents Page No. 1. Introduction of two-day training course3 2. Overall aims and Specific learning objective4 3. Improvement after this training course5 4. Timetable of training course6 5.
Training Methods in the training course10 6. Evaluation strategy of the course15 7. Conclusion of the training course17 8. Reflective statement18 9. Appendix20 10. List of References 21 Introduction of two-day training course In view of the problem of training with line managers, it is going to hold a two-days training course to conduct the new barista. Each day takes 9 hours, there are about 12-16 new barista will attend the training. The training course includes the orientation of Cafe Co, Induction of customer service skills and equipment operation skills. The reason that hold the raining course is saving time for training in daily workload, assists to train the basic skills with line manager and let the new barista experience the workplace Next chapter, it will explain the overall aims and objectives of the training course. Word count: 97 Overall aims and Specific learning objective The overall aim of the training course are new barista should be able to make five different types of coffee by making a standard taste coffee with using coffee maker via the two-day training course. Upon the completion of the training course, new barista should be able to achieve five goals. Understand the rules and history of Cafe Co * Build up team spirit * Learn a standard Cafe Co’s customer service skills * Learn characteristics of five common coffee beans in Cafe Co * Correctly use coffee maker to make a standard coffee In next chapter, it will discuss functions of training course for Cafe Co. Word count: 108 Improvement after this training course First, understanding the history, mission and vision of Cafe Co can establish loyalty, explain clear direction to new barista and drive them to have same target. Also, it can boost morale and create positive atmosphere in work place.
Second, after training course, new barista already had basic skills in serving customer and making coffee. There is enough training support to line manager; it can reduce the time for training new employees. Line managers just need to give time to let new employees to gain experience and share their experience. Third, some line managers are not interest in training. The training course can provide basic skills to handle daily workload and save time in training. In chapter 4, the timetable of training course will be outline. Word count: 123

Timetable of training course The training course will divide to two days, first day will talk about Cafe Co history and policy and second day will teach the practice in daily life. It will take about nine hours per day include one hours lunch time. Training course will hold on 24th-25th in April in one of the branch. There will be a barista and a supervisor which both have three years experience working in Cafe Co responsible for trainers and speakers in the course. Beside the standard skills, they can also share their own technique with the new barista.
There is a standard dress code in the course. All attendants must wear the standard Cafe Co barista suit, black trouser and shoes. Beside the suit, trouser and shoes should bring by the attendants. And here is the Time Table. Day 1 Time| Contents| Methods | Resources| Purpose| 9:00- 9:30am| Welcome and Briefing| Lecture| Computer Projector| Welcoming and show the purpose of the training course| 9:30- 10:00am| Ice-Breaking| Games| Paper Pens| Let new barista recognize each other and build up teamwork| 10:00- 11:00pm| History of Cafe Co| Lecture| Computer
ProjectorMicrophone| -Show the organization’s history -Understand the culture and background of Cafe Co| 11:00-12:30pm| Policy of Cafe Co| Lecture| Employees Handbook Microphone| -Show the value of Cafe Co-List out strategic of Cafe Co -Clear the Mission and Vision of Cafe Co| 12:30-1:30pm| Lunch| | | | 1:30- 2:30pm| Knowing working place| Familiarization Tour| Map| -Show the working place and equipment -Familiarize the working place| 2:30- 3:30pm| Employee Compensation| Lecture| Computer Projector Microphone| -Show rest day and holidays in Cafe Co-Arrange of duty meal -Show incentive and Benefits of employees| 3:30- :30pm| Safety and Health policy| Training Video, Lecture| ComputerProjector Microphone| -Mention the safety guide in working place -Explain the important of Safety and Health in Cafe Co -Typhoon and rainstorm emergencies measure -Provide methods of managing stress at work-Show accident may happen working place| 4:30-5:30pm| Rules and Discipline | Lecture| ComputerProjector Microphone| -Mention rules in attendance -Explain rules and procedures in Cafe Co-List out discipline example -introduce disciplinary action procedures| 5:30- 6:00pm| Conclusion| Discussion| Paper Pens| -Recap the main point that the new barista learn |
Day 2 Time| Contents| Methods| Recourse| Purpose| 9:00- 9:15am| Briefing| Lecture| Microphone| Point out Daily goals and expectation| 9:15- 10:30am| Standard customer services| Lecture Training Video| Microphone Computer Projector| -Training standard welcome speech -Table setting training -Understand barista’s responsibility| 10:30- 12:00pm| Products in Cafe Co| Lecture Discussion| Microphone Computer Projector| -Recognize products in Cafe Co-Understand menu and facilities -know characteristic of each coffee| 12:00- 1:00pm| Lunch| | | | 1:00- 3:00pm| Make Coffee| Demonstration Lecture| Coffee Making
Coffee Bean| -Show the procedures of making coffee -Share the skills of making coffee| 3:00- 3:15pm| Break| | | | 3:15- 5:15pm| Operation in Cafe Co| Role play| Working place and equipment | -Try to be a real barista-Try to make coffee -Experience the working place -Try to serve customer| 5:15- 6:00pm| Conclusion Evaluation| Discussion| Flip board Maker pen Evaluation form| -Refresh new barista memories -Conclude the knowledge learned -Collect data from new barista| In next chapter, it will discuss the training methods and how can the training method fulfill new barista with different learning style.
Word Count: 530 Training Methods in the training course In this two-day training course, it used six methods to train the new barista. They are Lecture, Demonstration, Training video, Group discussion, Role Play and Games. Training method is an important part in training program; it links to content and purpose of the training. Using a correct training method can make a better training atmosphere and enhance the effectiveness of the training. Furthermore, there is another element that affects the effectiveness, which is the learning style of the new barista.
By Honey and Mumford’s learning style (1992), learner can identify to 4 types, Reflector, Activists, Theorists and Pragmatists. Each type has their advantages and strength to learn in different training methods. Reflectors are usually stood back and observe at work, thinking what they can learn. They can produce analyses and reports without pressure. Activists are tends to involved in new experiences, problems and opportunities. They like to work in team and act first without consideration. They do not like preparation or reviewing. Theorists are like to adapt and integrate observation into complex and logically.
They like solving problem step by step and think in logical ways. Pragmatists are like to try things out; they applied the job with concept. They usually have fewer patients in long process. Training method, games just involved in the ice breaking process. It is costly, need to spend time and without learning some really useful in work. But it stills an important part in the training course. Games place in the starting can drive new barista to having a positive emotion and relax atmosphere to finish the entire course. Between playing games, barista can build up teamwork and increase the interaction and communication.
It is suitable for all learning style because it is not related to work but the relationship. Lecture is a passive training method, it is a talk without question and answer session, new barista just need to sit down and listen to the lecturer. All information is produce by the lecturer and no interaction between lecturer and trainers. Lecture is a single way transfer method but it still chosen to use in many sections that about theory and information. It is because those things can learn by experience and observation and no need to practice or abstraction.
Using lecture to teach knowledge in a long period may cause new barista feel bored and lose their attraction. So that sometime may need to combine another method to balance like group discussion or training video. This method is suitable for Theorist to learn best because they can having time to understand the theory. Training video will not using separately in training, it looks like some assistance in training method. It is suitable in explain some technique and skills that cannot show by speech or words like customer service and safe & health guide in work place.
Playing training video to new barista can attract their attention and stimulate them between the lectures. Using video as training can reinforce their memory, let the text knowledge become image, make them easier to remember the image, rules and process deeper in their mind. It is a good training method for Pragmatist because they learn best if shown a model and they can copy. Demonstration is an experiential training method, it is also like training video, and it can be combined with the lecture program. It is suitable for reflectors and pragmatists to learn because both types like to observe and copy.
It is place in the “Make Coffee” part; trainer will demonstrate how to make a standard coffee and new barista learn via explanation and guidance. Beside the demonstration, new barista can join the process to enhance impact of the training and trainers can explain skills and technique to new barista. Moreover, barista can ask question immediately to reduce misunderstanding of the demonstration. Role playing will use in the “Operation in Cafe Co” part, new barista need to act out their characters and simulate the daily operation in Cafe Co. t should prepare specially in some case and test new barista confront ability. The advantage of using this method is providing a face to face situation for testing; it can develop interactive skills and gives people insight into the way in which people behave and feel but it needs well prepare and enough support to run a role play. It is suitable for activists learning style; they are like to action and working with others in role playing. Discussion is a method that gives chances for audience to participate active learning, sharing their experience and feeling with others.
Also, it can gather others’ opinions and points to provide a clear view. It provide interaction and communication time for new barista too. It will take part in “Conclusion” and “Products in Cafe Co” because this section needs times to conversation and discuss about what they learn, it can make them devote themselves in to the course. This training method is suitable for activists because they like to work with others and leading discussion. To drive this training course to success, it should also consider Kolb’s (1974) learning cycle, experience, observation, abstraction and practice.
The training course’s design base on this and ensure the methods can follow these four elements, like it will hold classroom learning like lecture, discussion and videos for experience and observation. Abstraction and practice will reach by the role play in Cafe Co and demonstration of making coffee. All the training methods designed for the content of each part and it is the most suitable method to bring out a effective result after the course. In next chapter, it will discuss the evaluation of this training course. Word Count: 930 Evaluation strategy of the course
In a fair and success evaluation, the design of the evaluation form and the atmosphere of the place are so important. A formal evaluation should hold unless twenty minutes, and the valuator should leave the evaluation place to ensure a fair evaluation. The evaluation should hold by another person that no relationship between the course. Also, the design of the form should be quantize in marks, clearly explain the rules like 1 is the best and 10 is the worst in marks. The question in the questionnaire should use close question at most, it can be easier to analyze the data and much more fair.
The questionnaire should not record the evaluator’s name which can increase the truism if the evaluators are not identified. According to Kirkpatrick’s level of evaluation (1956), evaluation should be focus on 4 stages, Reaction, Learning, Behavioral and Results. Reaction and Learning are in formative level. Reaction measure the feeling about the content and method of the evaluation. Learning measure what learner learned from the course. Behavioral and Result are in the summative level. Behavioral evaluate the change of the trainers after training course and the applicant of the trainee.
Result measures the effect the organization performance and productivity. Therefore, a successful evaluation should include four stages. Evaluation is not just focus on the reaction level but need to concern summative level. Beside questionnaire (appx. 1), interview, performance review and other aspects should consider to evaluate the success of the training course. Word count: 245 Conclusion of the training course After this training course, new barista will able response the daily operation in Cafe Co, the relationship between barista should be closer and start to build up team work in workplace.
Moreover, new barista should understand the policy, strategy, mission and vision of Cafe Co; they also need to understand the rules. They need to recognize their right, benefit, compensation in Cafe Co. Word Count: 63 Reflective statement After finish this assessment, I have learnt how to collect the useful information from internet and books. Before that, I usually finish my assessment with the tutorial notes and my own knowledge, because of the marks of Reference, it pushes me to borrow books and research in internet. Also, finishing this assessment can make me know more theories and knowledge in Human Resource.
It makes me interest in this subject and drive me to read more books about human relationship in work place. It makes me know the psychology of employees and employers. In the working progress, the notes from the course really help me a lot. I applied it to my assignment, it clearly explain the theories with some basic words and showing the figures of some theory which can clear my mind. The thing that hindered me is the arrangement of my answer. Some question makes me confused and I don’t know how to arrange the answer’s sequence. The question cannot clearly explain what are they asking and I am confusing about what should I answer.
It might affect the quality of the assignment. In briefly, I am satisfied for my submission. Because I can finish it in time and I really do it with my heart. But one thing that I can do better is the submission date. I always finish my assignment at last day of the submission. It is very danger if there are any accident in the network, I may be able to upload my assessment to the Turnitin System lately and cause my work decrease one grade. So that, I decided I will finish and upload my work as soon as possible before the due date. Word Count: 238 Appendix Training Evaluation Form Title of course: New barista training course
Date of training: Marking standard (Disagree)12345(Agree) 1. The direction of the course is clear__ 2. It is easy to understand the content__ 3. The course is enjoyable__ 4. The course is useful__ 5. The course can make me interest in coffee__ 6. Enough support of the training course__ 7. Trainer is clearly teach the skills and technique__ Any others opinions: ______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your opinions List of References Armstrong, M. 2009) Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, 11th Edition, Kogan Page Bloisi, W. (2007) An Introduction to Human Resource Management, Mc Graw Hill Dessler, G. (2011) Human Resource Management, 12th Edition, Pearson Messmer, M. and Bogardus, A. (2007) Human Resource Management, Wiley Pathways Demonstration training method (2007) [Online] Available at: http://traininganddevelopment. naukrihub. com/methods-of-training/demonstrations. html [Accessed: 26th March, 2012] Evaluation Forms (2011) [Online] Available at: http://www. sampleforms. org/category/evaluation-forms [Accessed: 4th April, 2012]

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