Manage meetings

CANDIDATES – Please submit this entire document (do not separate or remove pages) – with this page completed as required – and place at the top of your assessment document CANDIDATE TO COMPLETE THE SECTION BELOW

Email address
Company name
Training date(s)
Training location
Trainer’s name
Assessment due date
Date submitted
Candidate declaration – By signing below, I declare that
1 I have been advised of the assessment requirements for this unit of competency, have been made aware of my rights and responsibilities as an assessment candidate, and choose to be assessed in the above competency standard at this time 2 This assessment document is my own and contains no material written by another person except where due reference is made. I am aware that a false declaration may lead to the withdrawal of a qualification or statement of attainment Signed ________________________ Date ___________________ APEX TRAINING SOLUTIONS ADMINISTRATION STAFF to complete the section below Name of assessor –
1. Date assessment document received
2. Date assessment document forwarded to assessor
3. Date marked assessment document received from assessor
4. Date assessment report sent to candidate
APEX TRAINING SOLUTIONS ASSESSOR to complete the section below Date assessment document received
Date assessment document returned to RTO
First attempt (circle correct result)
Second attempt (if needed) (circle correct result)
Apex Training Solutions assessor to complete
Candidate’s name
Assessor’s name
Manage meetings
Details of any reasonable adjustment provided (if applicable)
Assessor’s signature ______________________ Date ________________ 1st submission
2nd submission
Assessor sign-off
1st submission
Assessor’s signature
2nd submission
Assessor’s signature
Feedback to candidate (assessors, tick appropriate box below) ?This page copied and given to candidate as an assessment report ?A separate report was prepared and given to the candidate (attached) ?Feedback was provided to the candidate in another form (explain) ______________________
Assessment Cover Sheet
Assessment Results Sheet
Table of Contents
Contact Information – Apex Training Solutions
Assessment Instructions for Assessor
Assessment Information and Instructions for Candidate
YOUR ASSESSMENT TASKS – TASKS 1 and 2 (commencement of)
Employability Skills – Self-Assessment for BSBADM502B (Task 3) 10
Appendix 1 – Workplace Observer’s Checklist (Third Party Report) and Workplace Observer’s Declaration – BSBADM502B (Optional) 11
CHECKLIST – Before submitting your assessment, ask yourself….. 14
APEX TRAINING SOLUTIONS is the Registered Training Organisation responsible for your assessment.
Our contact details
Please read through information provided in this assessment document, and contact us if you have any questions about your assessment.
Assessor to verbally work through this entire assessment document with candidate, explaining and clarifying requirements.
Assessment due date to be negotiated with candidate – date to be written by candidate on Page 2 (Assessment Cover Sheet) of this assessment document.
Once assessment has been marked, assessor to record results at end of each assessment task in the ‘Result for Assessment Task’ section. If result is deemed to be ‘not yet satisfactory’, assessor to advise candidate accordingly, and negotiate a due date for second submission. If initial result is deemed ‘satisfactory’, result is to be recorded on Page 3 ‘Assessment Results Sheet’, and a copy of this page, together with assessor’s feedback/ comments, is to be provided to candidate within seven business days of completion of marking.
Marked assessment document to be returned to Apex Training Solutions within seven business days of completion of marking.
Assessor to ensure that Apex Training Solutions’ appeals process is explained to candidates as a group.
To be assessed as ‘competent’ in this unit, you must provide evidence that you can
Prepare for meetings
Conduct meetings
Follow up meetings
By completing the above to a ‘satisfactory’ standard, you will have met all elements and performance criteria for this unit of competency.
Your overall assessment comprises three tasks (Tasks 1, 2 and 3). There is also the option of a Workplace Observer’s Checklist (Third Party Report) being submitted as part-evidence for this unit of competency. However, it is recommended that you only submit this form of evidence if you meet ALL elements and ALL performance criteria for the COMPLETE unit of competency, and that your experience is current (ie, within the last two years).
Please note that the optional Third Party Report DOES NOT REPLACE Tasks 1, 2 and 3 – it is submitted as additional, supplementary evidence.
Your Trainer/Assessor will provide the following additional information about Your assessment choices and rights
The deadline for submission of assessment tasks
How to submit your assessment tasks, and to where
Unless notified otherwise, all tasks are to be completed in writing, gathered together into a portfolio of evidence, and provided to your Apex Training Solutions Trainer/Assessor by the agreed due date.
Please use your XXXXX workplace as the focus of each task. All tasks must be completed to a satisfactory standard in order to achieve a ‘competent’ result overall.
If you have any special needs that may require modification of these assessment tasks, please speak with your Trainer/Assessor. He/she will be happy to discuss any relevant modifications.
If research has occurred in order to complete the answer and you (the candidate) quote directly from a source without making any changes to the text, then the source must be referenced for copyright requirements.
A note on Plagiarism and Referencing
Plagiarism is a form of theft where the work, ideas, inventions, etc, of other people are presented as your own.
Plagiarism is avoided where
Information, ideas, etc, quoted or paraphrased from another source, are acknowledged with quotation marks around the relevant words/sentences or ideas, and cited at the end of your document. This means a list of the sources of information, ideas, etc, is provided in alphabetical order by each author’s surname (including author’s full name, name of document/book, etc, and year and place of publishing) such that the assessor or another reader may locate the source information if necessary
Relevant details of an assessment or assignment are researched and put forward in your own words. Where necessary, include original information, eg, from the Internet, as an attachment
What happens if my result is ‘resubmit’ or ‘not yet competent’? The only possible assessment results you can obtain are
What this result means
Celebrate! You have earned a statement of attainment for each unit of competency assessed, leading to a certificate qualification if all core and sufficient elective units have been successfully completed Resubmit
Most tasks have been completed to a ‘satisfactory’ standard, but better quality evidence and/or additional evidence is needed before a ‘competent’ result may be awarded Not yet competent
The evidence presented suggests that you have not as yet demonstrated your competency in the unit being assessed. In this case, your assessor will work with you to determine a suitable action plan for achieving competence
Remember that we are not here to ‘fail’ you – our intent is to keep working with you until you achieve competency. If you are asked to re-submit more than once, an additional assessment fee may apply. What if I disagree with the assessment result?
If you disagree with your assessment result, you have the right to appeal the decision. Please follow the process listed below 1.Discuss your concerns with your assessor. If you do not arrive at a mutually-beneficial solution, then 2.Contact Apex Training Solutions management – we will be happy to help. CANDIDATE INSTRUCTIONS
What to do
Please do the following
1.Complete all tasks listed in this assessment document
2. Organise all completed tasks into a portfolio and submit to APEX TRAINING SOLUTIONS by the assessment deadline
There are three parts to your assessment task requiring your completion, as
TASK 1 – Question and answer – written responses
TASK 2 – Work-related project
TASK 3 – Employability Skills – Self-Assessment
QUESTIONS – (attach pages if more writing space is required)
Please provide a written response to each of the following questions
1Please explain the difference between ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ meetings in a work sense Formal meetings are pre planned with set agendas and members of the meeting are notified well in advance with proper invitation. Generally the manager or senior executives chair the meeting were important decisions are taken or discussed. Informal meetings are
2 Provide two examples of ‘formal’ meetings which could occur – or have already occurred – at XXXXX, and describe the purpose of each Annual state meeting – It is a meeting formally conducted once a year chaired by general manager generally have special guests like CEO and other top executives. Pre planned atleast 2 months in advance and invitation snt through to all the employees in that particular state. This meeting runs for 2 working states which require boarding and catering services. National volunteer team meeting- This runs for 3 working days which has a proper agenda and notified 3 months in advance to all the team members. Proper invitation sent through outlook calendar. A drafted agenda is sent out to the members to put in their thoughts. A final agenda is circulated only a week before the meeting. Being a national meeting it requires transportation assistance for other members. This meeting is chaired by the volunteering team manager and special guests like the CEO and other top executives are invited for particular sessions. Again here we require boarding and catering services for the duration. 3How would you ensure that the ‘formal’ meetings you organise and conduct at XXXXX are productive and effective – not simply
At the start of the meeting the agenda for the meeting is generally is briefed to the participants. Throughout the meeting the agenda is referred to the group so that discussions are centred towards the agenda topics through out the meeting. Establishing and using ground rules clearly lays out the expectations and of the way things should be done at the meeting. Use idea bin- The chair person or the facilitator should record item ( ideas) in bin so that discussions stay focussed on the agenda. Participant’s ideas can be discussed later.
4Why is it important to provide a DRAFT agenda to expected participants, prior to providing the final agenda?
Circulating a drafted agenda allows the participants to know prior to meeting what is to be expected / to be discussed. Also it allows the other participants to more items to the agenda. 5If a meeting deviates from its planned agenda, what can you do to bring it back on track?
The chair person plays an important role in these situations. Its the chair persons responsibility to bring to back to track and follow the agenda. Gently remind what has been discussed so far and what has to be further discussed in the meeting . The chair person can put the topic that the member raised in the idea bin for future discussion and can advise that this can be discussed in the next meeting. If further the participant keeps discussing or insists on discussion ask other members thoughts on it and cast a vote. If the majority of the members to go further allow the meeting to be discussed further on the raised topic. All this depends on the established ground rules, the chair person and the companies policies with regards to meeting. 6The ability to record minutes accurately is critical. Please list at least three skills that a competent note-taker/minute-taker should have
1. Should have great listening skills. This is required as the minute taker has to record discussions and decisions made in the meeting. Use a proper
tool to record the meeting and have a backup just in case. Most of the time the minute takers prefer laptop which saves a lot of time and use a recorder to record the meeting. In short minute taker has to be focussed / concentrate and have a good memory. 2. Critical thinking skill- The minute taker has to decided on what has to be written on the minutes of the meeting. – which has to be summarised and which has to be written word by word (motion). 3. Good organisation skill- communicate well with the chair person, discuss with the chair person regarding responsibility of each. Agree to a standard to which the minute has to be taken ( company policy around it etc.. . Work as a team with the chair person. Also make sure to send attendance and sign in sheet to participants which gives/ allows the minute taker the participants name and who said what in the meeting. 4. Writing skills- Minute taker should write such that everybody can understand his/her notes from the meeting. May be use drafting when drafting the minutes. 7How do you encourage active participation in meetings at XXXXX?
In the national volunteering team meeting they generally bring up lot of topics for discussions and group people to brain storm on that topic. This encourage active participation from the members as they get to choose which topic they want to discuss / brain storm 8Please list some of the confidentiality issues that might impact on the information discussed in meetings at XXXXX
You are required to prepare, conduct and follow up meetings as part of your role at XXXXX. Your task, therefore, is to consider the types of meetings conducted at XXXXX, and select ONE meeting to address within this work-related project. As part of your evidence, please provide a sample Agenda/Notice of Meeting which you compile, together with Minutes resulting from your meeting (NOTE – please ensure that you obtain permission from
XXXXX to provide this information, and ensure that any material of a confidential nature is removed prior to submitting as part of your evidence). NSW Volunteering Team Meeting
Purpose of the meeting was to establish a regular meeting between two Volunteering teams (volunteering operations and Volunteering Relationships) To set future meetings agendas
To schedule future meetings date and time
To decide on range of different business items to be discussed in the future meetings. WITHIN YOUR PROJECT, PLEASE PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF THE FOLLOWING Prepare for meetings
Develop an agenda/notice of meeting to align with the meeting purpose (eg, discussion forum for internal or external clients, planning and development of a project, progress of a project, range of business items, setting of enterprise or team goals) NSW vol team Teleconference Agenda 9 September 2013 (1).docx Agenda attached with this document. Describe how the style and structure of the meeting is appropriate to its purpose The two teams had a good understanding – team/ staff meeting. But the team members were scattered geographically so it was an informal teleconference meeting. The meeting was structured for a good 30 minutes. Were the agenda was in line with the purpose of the meeting, which was basically a meeting to set / establish meeting. To share success and discuss the issues of each team. How each team can help the other?
Describe how you notified meeting participants of the meeting The meeting was scheduled on Outlook Calendar and invitation was sent to all the participants. This invitation for the meeting was sent a month before the scheduled date. Explain how you confirm the meeting arrangements in accordance with the meeting requirements (eg, venue, deciding on process for recording of meeting, costs and operating within a budget, identifying any special needs of participants, organising accommodation and transport, organising appropriate communication technology, organising catering, organising note-taker/minute-taker, preparing relevant documentation for participants, scheduling date and time for the meeting) Being a teleconference meeting we were to dial in from our desk. Having 4 out of 5
participants in the same office I made sure one of the meeting room was booked in for this meeting purpose and to call the 5th participant from the meeting rooms. I booked this meeting room before the invitation was placed on the outlook express. Made sure the phone line is in working condition 3 working days before the meeting date. I volunteered to take mints for the meeting which I took in by writing. I cross checked my notes from the meeting with the Chair person/ other participants notes before drafting the minutes. Made sure I printed a copy of agenda before going in for the meeting.
Describe how you ensure meeting papers are provided to participants within designated timelines. Meeting papers may include agenda, chairperson’s report, correspondence, draft documentation, financial reports, itemised meeting papers, notice of meeting, previous minutes, research reports) Being the first meeting agenda was the only relevant document that was to be circulated. The drafted agenda was prepared and sent out a week before to all the participants / chairperson. This allows more room for modification and additional agenda items. And a final agenda was sent out to the participants of the meeting 3 working days before the meeting which was finalised after discussing with the chair person.
Conduct meetings
Describe how you chair meetings according to XXXXX requirements, and legal and ethical requirements (eg, codes of practice, legislation, requirements for public meetings)
Describe how you conduct meetings to ensure they are focused, time-efficient and achieve outcome It is the chair persons responsibility to make sure the discussions are focussed on the agenda items. If drifted of make sure to speak up and push the other attendees to get it back in focus. Start on time and make sure end the meeting on time. Describe how you ensure the meeting facilitation enables participation, discussion, problem-solving and resolution of issues (eg, agreeing on a course of action, deferring decisions to another meeting, casting vote for chairperson, conflict of interest provisions, consensus required, majority of members to agree,
moving and seconding formal motions, quorum requirements, restricting discussion to agenda items, speaking through the chairperson, time limit on speakers) If a motion or discussion is made make sure all the participants have a say on it. In this particular meeting it was decided unanimously that we will have meeting monthly once and duration will accordingly be 30minutes. We discussed range of business items- shared success / happenings in each teams in the past and present. One of the member raised about issues faced in their team for discussion. All the other participants with different solutions and suggestions to solve the problem..It was a open discussion made their and the other team offered help to support that activity. Describe how you brief the note-taker/minute-taker on the method for recording meeting notes in accordance with XXXXX requirements I will let the minute taker to know that he/she has to outline the meeting points, provide short and concise details of how each point was addressed and list any action that are called for by the resolution. Be sure to clarify of any understood point. Give the minute taker to interrupt the meeting and clarify the points if required.
Follow up meetings
Describe your procedure for ensuring that transcribed meetings notes reflect a true and accurate record of the meeting, and that they are formatted in accordance with XXXXX procedures and meeting conventions It is not possible for any person to remember all the conversation and decide which is important to make note of in the meeting. It is always best to record the meeting and also take notes. It allows the minute taker to back to the recorded conversation and clarify it. We always use the smith family template for minutes of the meeting / agenda of the meeting. I would use the template and make note on it as I attend the meeting as a minute taker, by doing this it helps to give accurate information in accordance to company’s convention. Explain how you distribute and store minutes and other follow-up documentation within designated timelines, and according to XXXXX requirements (eg, consider authorised access, file names, filing locations, XXXXX policy for backing up files, security, electronic storage, etc) Being the minutes of an informal or a small group meeting like this one the policy is to distribute the minutes of the meeting with in 1 to 2 working days. The
minute taker drafts the minutes and send it to the chair person for approval before distributing it to the other participants of the meeting. In our company the minutes of the meeting are stored as a soft copy in the shared drive where all the concerned members / participants have access to. Explain how you report outcomes of meetings, and to whom you provide these outcomes The outcome of this meeting was reported in the form of minutes of the meeting which was sent out only to all the participants of the meeting. TASK 3
This self-assessment/self-reflection task requires your completion as to how YOU perceive you have incorporated employability skills into this unit of competency, and into your role at XXXXX.
In the table below, describe the activities you have undertaken that demonstrate how you developed the following employability skills as you worked through this unit. Keep copies of material you have prepared as further evidence of your skills.
Manage meetings (BSBADM502B)
Dear XXXXX Workplace Observer
Your role in the observation process
We are the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) conducting training and assessment of your employee, (Name of employee), who is currently studying the Diploma of Business (BSB50207). Part of this course involves (Name of employee) being able to effectively manage a range of meetings including overseeing the meeting preparation process, chairing meetings, organising the minutes and reporting meeting outcomes in the XXXXX workplace. In order for (Name of employee) to be deemed ‘competent’, we require your assistance via a Third Party Report. Should you require clarification of any aspect of this role, please do not hesitate to contact Apex Training Solutions on 02 4976 3330, or email the Managing Director of Apex Training Solutions, Di Alex, at [email protected]
We value your contribution and ask that you answer all questions honestly, and to the best of your knowledge regarding (Name of employee). It is most important that (Name of employee) conducts her workplace performance to the standard expected of you at XXXXX. Therefore, your comments are critical to the success of this assessment.
The following evidence will be provided to the assessor by (Name of employee). Please confirm that this evidence has been produced by (Name of employee), and that it has been produced within the previous two years. Some evidence may require use of organisational documents or checklists already in existence. Such evidence should be clearly identified as support material provided by you at XXXXX. If you have any questions please contact Apex Training Solutions on 02 4976 3330, or email [email protected]
Please ensure that you complete all parts of the Workplace Observer’s Checklist (Third Party Report), and the Workplace Observer’s Declaration for this unit.
When you have completed the above, please return this document to (Name of employee).
Requirements for satisfactory completion
As a general rule, for (Name of employee) to achieve a ‘satisfactory’ result in this task, 75% of the items on this checklist should be ticked ‘Y’ (yes)
The checklist begins immediately below.
Unit of competency
BSBADM502B – Manage meetings
Name of Candidate
Name of Workplace Observer
Workplace Observer’s experience and/or qualifications in OH&S, frontline management, supervision, team leadership and/or evaluation of staff performance
Workplace Observer’s relationship with candidate (eg, supervisor, mentor)
Workplace Observer’s telephone and email contact details (in most circumstances you will not be contacted)
Date/s of observation
Does the candidate consistently meet XXXXX’s performance standards for the following, and during your observation does the candidate Yes No (tick the correct response)
Workplace Observer’s comments
Developing agenda in line with staged meeting purpose?
Ensuring style and structure of meeting are appropriate to its purpose?
Identifying meeting participants and notifying them in accordance with organisational procedures?
Confirming meeting arrangements in accordance with requirements of meeting?
Despatching meeting papers to participants within designated timelines?
Chairing meetings in accordance with organisational requirements, agreed conventions for type of meeting and legal and ethical requirements?
Conducting meetings to ensure they are focused, time-efficient, and achieve outcomes?
Ensuring meeting facilitation enables participation, discussion, problem-solving and resolution of issues?
Briefing minute-taker on method for recording meeting notes in accordance with organisational requirements and conventions for type of meeting?
Checking transcribed meeting notes to ensure they reflect a true and accurate record of the meeting, and are formatted in accordance with organisational procedures and meeting conventions?
Distributing and storing minutes and other follow-up documentation within designated timelines, and according to organisational requirements?
Reporting outcomes of meetings as required, within designated timelines?
What are the candidate’s strengths in this area?
What are the candidate’s development opportunities?
Workplace Observer’s signature
Candidate’s signature
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ XXXXX
I declare that the information provided by me in this Workplace Observer’s Checklist is an accurate and true reflection of how the candidate, (Name of employee) conducts her ‘Manage meetings’ requirements as I observe them on an ongoing basis in the XXXXX work environment.
_____________________________________________________________________ Workplace Observer’s signatureDate
End of Workplace Observer’s Checklist and Declaration – BSBADM502B
Stop and Check!
Before submitting your portfolio, ask yourself
1.Have I completed all tasks and organised my portfolio according to the Candidate Instructions on Page 5? ?
2.Have I completed the Assessment Cover Sheet of this Assessment Workbook and signed the Candidate Declaration as required? ?
3.Have I completed all assessment tasks according to the requirements for satisfactory completion? ?
4. Have I completed the Individual Declaration at the rear of this document (if applicable)? ?
5. Have I made a copy of my portfolio before submitting to Apex Training Solutions? ?
I understand that Apex Training Solutions cannot accept responsibility for assessment portfolios lost in transit. ?

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