One Direction

Intro to Communication 2. oopm-3. 40pm Informative Speech Outline Dreams and Ambitions Purpose: To inform my audience about how to follow your own dream and path, not following anyone else’s paths because they say you can’t do something. l. Introduction A. Greeting Good evening everyone. B. Attention getter Today, I’m going to tell you the stories of my life and someone who I looked up to. When I was in middle school, I was a dreamer and so was he. (Visual aid #1) One day, while watching Fast and Furious with my dad, I told him that when I was older, I would become a racecar driver Just like Vin Diesel.
My dad checked my temperature after I said that. (Visual aid #2) Another day I was watching Step Up with my mom and told her I would become a dancer. I would search up dance tutorials on Youtube, watch them over and over again. Practiced in front of the mirror until I got it. But I never got it. And it Just annoyed my parent that they kept hearing mammoth footsteps from my room and that they couldn’t sleep. More recently, when I was half asleep on the bus on its way to my school. I was suddenly awakened to this funky song sung by this amazing singer. Then I knew I’d become a singer.
Excited for an upcoming school concert. I signed up. Then my friends in school slammed me that no one would like me and that I would be the Joke to the school. I doubted myself since then. C. Credibility statement As someone who have been following every of his footsteps from he was as small as a fetus. He represents an iconic symbol for having dreams, faith, and to never stop believing in yourself. I would like to inform you about this person. D. Thesis statement It didn’t matter how many times you got knocked down on the floor, but you know one day you would have to get up and stand tall.

Because everything has to start from omething, and something would be nothing if you didn’t believe and have faith in yourself. Where would you be if you didn’t believe. E. Preview of main points I’m going to leave with your imagination to fgure out whom this person is. I will slowly leave clue about this person. So I will be talking about his not so ideal background, his struggles to superstardom, and his triumphs. This is his story. Transition II. Body A. Main point #1 – His background 1. Subordinate point (e. g. , “According to… “) – He didn’t have the happiest family, in the world.
He didn’t live in the biggest mansion in his neighborhood. And he didn’t even come first place in a school singing competition. a. Support- According to Townhall. com, his mother had him when she was only 18 years old. She had to live through an abusive childhood. Because everyone was pressuring her to abort her child. Because everyone thinks she didn’t have sufficient finance to support for her child, since she worked for a series of low paying office Jobs. His parent split when he was 10 months old. (Visual aid #3) b. Support- He came from a small town called Stratford, Ontario.
When he was 12 years old, he wanted to play guitar and sing in front of a shopping mall. He would sit t the steps at the gate of the shopping mall and sing in the cold night. His voice carry out throughout the whole street Every pedestrians would have to stop, pull out their camera and film it. He also Joined his school idol competition. With only 12 years of age, he demonstrated a wide range of musical talents. Such as pop, R and B, he even rap for the audience too. Sometime he would bust out dance move that crack the audience. Like the air guitar. His friends were surprised, they would ask him where did all of hose moves come from.
However, he fall short in third place. Suffered his first rejection in his singing career. Transition/Signpost Now that I have mentioned his background. I will now talk about his struggles. – B. Main point #2 – His struggles 1. Subordinate point – At this stage of success, there will be Jealousy and hatred. There are people who want him to fall, they want him to be the next train wreck, and want him to fall on the ground and never be able to get back up. a. Support – Celebrity gossip sites on the Internet such as TMZ, they will make up the most hideous and untrue stories about this kid.
Here are examples of the stories they made up. – According to TMZ, they pictured him walking around with his shirt off in he street of London. Saying it’s a sign of disrespectful. Other say that he illegally went to an under aged club with his shirt off. Later, he was asked during an interview about this issue, and he was Just sweaty and hot from a grueling three hours performance. – According to mirror. co. uk, another news site. They said he was accused of hitting a paparazzi photographer in June while driving in the city of los Angeles who apparently stood right in front of his car.
The paparazzi then have to be moved to a nearby hospital for treatments. However, in the photograph, the paparazzi is a full grown adult with twice the size of this kid. And another one, according to mirror. co. uk again, he was branded “disgusting” and “revolting”. For spitting from the top of his hotel. Transition to main point – Now that I have talked about his struggles and challenges, I will then talk about his road to fame. C. Main point #3 – His road to success. – At this point of success, people are watching him every breath and every move he takes.
He have basically grown up with cameras all around him. Therefore, there are people who Just want to see him fall. But he didn’t take it as granted. He takes matter into his own hand. He became Just another kid on Youtube, to a worldwide arena eteran. a. Support – Then came social media. A powerful source of information that aided him to raise to superstardom. When he was 12, he decided to mess around with youtube. Posting videos of him doing different cover in his small apartment. And one day, this manager. People liked his video, wanting him to do different covers.
His subscribers on Youtube reached hundred of thousand. – Then his mom, received a call from her friends. Saying that there’s this guy trying to reach her. He got a hold of his great aunt, got a hold of his school board. His mom was scared, asking herself, “Who is this guy? “. So she went to a computer phone and called the mysterious guy from an unknown number to tell him, “Please stop calling! ” She was trying to get rid of the anonymous man. Then they ended up taking from 2 to 3 hours. And this man, all the way from Atlanta. Told the mom and the kid to fly to him for a week with no strings attached.
And he would introduce her to a bunch of other record producer to see if they want to sign the kid. If the mom didn’t want to sign, then they would Just get a free vacation and back to life as usual. They flew to Atlanta. This anonymous guy was a manager for a small record studio. He picked them up form the airport drove to his music studio. Then there’s this expensive Range Rover drove up to their car. And step out of the car was Usher, this kid freaked out ran up to him. And told him, “I’m one of your biggest fan. Can I sing one of your song to you? ” after the manager warned him, “What ever you do, don’t say anything! . Yet again, he suffered another rejection. Usher simply pushed him aside and said, “It’s cold outside buddy, don’t worry about it. ” He took off. This kid and the manager would fly to several states in 2 or 3 days. Meet with record producer, labels, and musicians. And every record label would say no to him. They said he had no platform. They need this kid to come from an experienced background like Disney. There’s no other option for him right now. Eventually this manager went to Usher’s recording studio, and Usher had to let him tryout. After a few minutes listening to this kid.
He looked at the manager and asked him, “Who is this kid? ” in astonishment. And the kid answered, miou don’t remember. You blew me off the other day. ” It was not Just his amazing voice, it was his hair, his face, and his down to earth attitude. He just soaked up all the air in the room. It was beyond convinced that Usher had delivered a gift. That’s it, he has singed a contract with Usher. The mom and the kid is moving to the His grandfather, looking him walking pass the gate at the airport. He knew it was time to let this kid go. b. Support – He started to go to radio station.
There were 40 kids, then 80, then 100 kids, then a couple of hundreds kids lining up outside the radio station to see him. – There are artists who sell out arena and stadium world tour, he is now the member of this club. On his first record, in his first year and a half. – Madison Square Garden in NY represents the pinnacle of success for an artist. The Rolling Stones, 132, Michael Jackson. And for this kid to play at MSG, and he’s the headliner. This Just doesn’t happen. And MSG sold out tickets in 22 minutes. The entire show depends on 2 fibers in his vocal chord. “Little things goes a very very long way. The moment we forget that, I think its over. ” Said his manager. There were people standing outside the arena because they cant affordti, what he did was he walked outside the arena and gave free tickets that sit right up close to the stage to these girls. The fact that this kid can do this for his fans is amazing. – In the end, it’s Just him with his pen, nd paper in a room expressing his feelings and telling the world who he really is through his music. He said, “I’m 19 years old. I think I’m doing a pretty good Job.
Basically from my heart I really Just want to say it really should be about music. It should be about the craft that I’m making. This is not a gimmick and I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously. ” – And he’s right, so far at this point, he have won countless awards. 2 Grammy awards, 1 Brit awards, 6 Billboard Music Awards, 7 American Music Awards, 11 Teen Choice Awards, and the most prestigious award in the music industry, the milestone award. Which celebrate Ill. Conclusion IVe already signed up for the concert, its too late to back up now. I got on the stage alone, and I sung.
My legs and hands were shaking. I asked myself “Will I be a dumb joke to the school? ” But no, the audience leaped up from their chair, they applaud and clapped. Shocking, I couldn’t believe my own eye. Teachers were asking me to sing for their concert. Then I realized I was wrong. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, when you have believe in yourself. You only live once to follow your own dream. Don’t follow anyone else’s pathway. However, if you’re lost in the wood and you found a pathway, by all mean follow that. And most importantly, don’t listen to anyone’s advice.
So here’s my advice Heres the model that IVe lived by. “There’s gonna be time in your life when people tell you that you cant do something. And there’s gonna be time in your life when people say you can’t live your dream. And there’s gonna be time in your life when people say that you can’t sell out Madison Square Garden. This is what I tell them. Never Say Never. ” Justin Bieber “Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they are onna tell you that you can’t do it.

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