Working In An International Team

In the international level when we work as a member in international team of dissimilar group of people and have a variety of nationalities then we face a lot of problems and difficulties. Because the team has different nationalities and different people are from different countries and have different culture, customs, languages, and ideas. So the most important and major things is to understand the language because the every member of the team speak common language but the voices, styles and tunes or types are different not same. So the experience of work in international team is not easy. As s international team worker who work for a common purpose are on same project we see that the cultural confliction among the group and also analyze the positive thing and advantages. When we work for single project we see which kind of aspects are negative what kind of impacts and probability are created. This is tuff time in our life when we work in international organization. We learn a number of things and seek information gain knowledge and buildup our experience as an international team worker. When the people work together, who share their common interest or purpose and whose principals are match, then the real compute of a team is how members react in difficult times. Secondly the cultural issues in international team are a critical issue for the members because the different countries have a different culture, dresses (uniforms) religious, family backgrounds. So when we work the outside of our homeland we face and see all these problems and difficulties. When we keep manage the things, manage ourselves, we take care others we respect others we make unity ignore the conflicts and prefer our work.
Learning Outcomes

® To understand the problem of communication in international team.
® To analyze the situation of confliction and resolve it.
® To keep time management and show punctuality.
® To visualize the positive and negative aspects.
® To use common language and understand it in international team.
® Examine the role of each member of international team.
The introduction and definition of international work experience is can be defined as a group of people working together who share a common importance or purpose and whose ideas are match, then the right compute of a team is how members retort in complex times when pressed outside the position quo.Belonging to a team, in the broadest sagacity, is a result of feeling part of something larger than you. It has a lot to do with our considerate of the task or the goal of our society.
Yet still you may have a particular job role or belong to a specific sector, you need to be united with other members of the organization in order to make a significant involvement to its overall achievement. The superior image is one that must impel your dealings and the behavior of each member of the team. The bad influences for the organization are when the members of international team are not cooperative and confliction is always between them. When we work for any organization in internationally then our first preference is to be punctual, cooperative, hard worker, helpful, ourselves. We need to tolerate and open-minded always, it is a best experiences of life as a member of international team. We need to communicate the people understand the people their ideas their views their interests their values and pay commonly our self for everyone.
Cultural Confliction
Inconsistency or conflict is an expected part of human relationships. Depending on how it is move toward and handle, conflict can be either positive or negative. Conflict comes to pass when people are not satisfied and not agree more than impressive apparent as significant. We work in international team or societies with people who may not notice equipment as we do. Conflicts take place on an each day beginning, sometimes as small argument, sometimes as cruel fight. We each react to conflicts pedestal on our individual meticulous celebrity and cultural background. People have dissimilar inspirations, attitude, principles and objectives. Two people can recognize and understand the equal condition very differently. When support employees speak to most important tragedy, we locate ourselves working with people from other countries. They are from different nationalities different cultural backgrounddifferent languages. Some of them may speak the same language, but when dissimilarity occurs, one may find out the other react to the same condition very differently and the other may create confusion for all. So troubles and conflicts are natural in our daily work, and the best way is finding to defeat them and continue working efficiently.
Confliction Solution
To resolution a conflict, we must be aware of our individual responsibility and also aware of our team members and the major things is that how I see by the others. The common and major universal appearance of conflict resolution is conciliation, negotiation, the public discussion, conflict revolution and stare arbitration. Each conflict is different and the each member of international team will react differently. Every member has a responsible for their specific duty and participates in all type of exercise. So the best solution is that we work together as a unit and we understand each other’s.
There are many differences in cultural conflictions and language is one of them because we interpret the international language into our first language and then understand it. So when we work as a member of international team the sum of differences are as under…
Different cultural background & customs
Positive Learn Things and Advantages
As a member of international team the positive learn things are we build our confidence we work together as a unit. Our minds are work openly and improve confidence that we have an ability to do something to understand something to communicate with others. We are able to show our behind abilities to educate the others that what can we do, we present ourselves in international team and share our personal ideas, views, interests and goals. The positive learn thing is to skilled in communication and make exercise to achieve the goals to help us for decision making so for example,
This type of exercise is helping us for improving communication skills and solving the problems. According to this exercise we solved the issues by effective communication between each other.
Task: generate an activity which places of interest the substance of excellent communication in team presentation and/or prospective problems with communication.
Implementation of Problem Solving and Decision Making
This exercise problem solving and decision making is monitoring and focusing specifically on team working together to solve difficult problems or make composite decision. This type of activities is mainly equal and come into view that what workers want their teams to be able to do.
Task: A task is a problem which solution is not easy give to a team and demand of the group to come up with an inspired clarification.
Implementation of Designing/Malleability
In this type of technique we focus on the features of designing and being malleability to change. The important thing of this task is for international team to be able to do when they allocate difficult responsibilities or resolution.
The impact and probability of group culture cannot be overprojected. Conditional reasons might also be at work. Positive manners of all team members are affected for organization. In our presentations the positive thing is for all us that, it is a big chance to improve our self as a internationally because we have plate form or forum. The positive learn things are,
Reduce Hesitation
Build Confidence
Awareness about other Culture
Attitude and Behaviors with others
Language Improvement
Communication Skill
There are some positive learn things and advantages when we work in international team or organizations for common interest, tasks are goals.
A panel is a set of personal working jointly in the direction of similar objectives.
Group member’s similar goals to achieve and distribute liability for the team output.
A group may be able to achieve more than personals working by you.
Groups can solve confliction or problems more rapidly than personals working by you.
Preference is to work with team is more suitable then working individual.
It is best practices for me specially to improve my abilities working in an international team.
I gain more knowledge, learn new ideas, new things and increase my experience.
I learn the new thought, and also aware about the different cultures.
Negative Aspects and Challenges
In international level when we work with multinational people for common interest and our goals, tasks same mean we work for one project so we face many challenges. In every project some are positive aspects and some are negative. But when specifically we work with the variety of multicultural background people we face the challenges and negative aspects these are….
Lack of Awareness
Language Barriers
Communication Breakdowns
Unresolved Conflicts among members
Mishandling the Things
The above mention types are affective and more critical to handling the situation of confliction between the team members. Then we do work more hard and show sincerity and make effort to improve team performance by improving communication, reducing conflict, and produce superior unity and agreement among work team members. Some time the negative aspects are helpful for the team to improve better themselves to decrease their mistakes but some time these negative features are affective and dangerous for the organization. For the development of team or organization we find out the current feedback and weakness itself and other member of the team and to improve our performance and feedback. A prepared teambuilding plan is a good tool to implement team unity and therefore the team awareness.
We use the method to solve the confliction and improve our weakness, feedback, team unity and decrease the negative characteristic. KPI and Iron triangle base are the best instrument or tools to improve our work experience. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is to use for the measurement of project’s success or failure and iron triangle base is helpful for the time management and give a policy for improvement. Iron triangle base is use in different places for the different propose. It use for politics in US, in Korea for bounded area description into three angles and in use for Vietnam War.
Personal Observations
As a student in our five presentations we work in a group and the group members are from different nationalities we work together and get a lot of experience in our lives. These type of workshops are play very important role for everyone because we buildup our confidence and show our abilities. So when we work for project of any organization then this experience is very helpful for all us. As a member of international team I learn positive things, improve my abilities, and seek general things for work as a globalization. In spite of this, that English is not my first language but I am participating in every time of my group meeting and contribute in every type of activities, understand the language to communicate with other member of my group and deal with them. Try to avoid the confliction among them and work with them same as like work others. Every member of my group belongs from different countries and definitely they have different cultural background. Everybody have different views, ideology, thought, way of thinking, tone style and understand the things. So that’s vie the problem is create among us because we are not understood properly. The main thing is voice/tone people speak in their own language style. English is a second language for all of us but we communicate each other and understand each other. According to my observation when we work outside of our homeland with multicultural team then “give respect get respect” and culture or religious is respected for everyone because the base or root of confliction in international team is culture. So we do respect for all cultures in all over the world because this is a sensitive issue.
Presentation Experience
In this table I am trying to compile the experience of our five presentations and calculate the average rate of our whole work progress. It is a fruitful experience in my life and best exercise being a member of my international team (group).

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Working In An International Team
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Cultural ethics assist to stature the type of manners that are measured to be statistic and
estimated. There are many learning advantages of international student experiences is that they interpretation students to others whose ethics may be diverse from their own. Secondly, the cultural manners and prospect can strain information dispersion and explanation. As a result, this dissimilarity is likely to be a significant cause authority communication, belief discernment and generally presentation between students from different countries and backgrounds. Additionally, the experience in interrelate with different cultures can change the consequence of the unique cultural authority. However, the exceptionally tutors should have some awareness of the variety of cultural dissimilarity that strength subsist between students who are concerned in effective teamwork. It’s a good practice and beautiful time to aware of the different cultures and keeps inmind to work openly with any type of team or organization internationally. The conclusion of this work experience in international team is to improve our weakness understand the things communicate with others and find out the positive aspects for managing it selfly and as a whole. Avoid the conflicts of any like religious, cultural and do our duty with fully passion sincerity faithfully. Keep work hard and make an ability to face challenges.
If these are all things we adopt then I think that nothing is impossible. We work as a unit help each other and resolve the problems and find out the negative facts and try to improve batter.

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